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We Were Making Dinner Then Wam We Were Standing In A Field And Lost Five Hours?

We Were Making Dinner Then Wam We Were Standing In A Field And Lost Five Hours?

Visitor: c.hale

Message: In 1995, a friend of mine and I caretook a very rural place called Kalepa which is a canyon about 200 yards wide. There is a one lane road that is the only road in East Maui. It is called the Hana Road. One night while we were cooking dinner I took the pot off the stove, told Mike (we'll call him Mike)that it was 7:15 and we could eat in about 30mins.The next thing I new I was standing out in the yard about 75ft. and Mike was standing out in the other side of the yard. We walked back to the table and neither of us said much. I looked at the clock that was on the outside of the camper and told Mike that we needed another battery because the clock read 12:20. He went inside the camper and came out carrying his pocket watch and said that I had better take a look at it. His watch read 12:20 also. We kind of said nothing about it until I took the lid off the pot, which was cold.

We still have questions about it now but it truly is "Lost Time". At the time for some reason we never spoke a word about it. We only started questioning each othe years later. 5 hours and 5 minutes gone and no recollection of it. I've thought about hypnosis and don't do it because I'm not sure what I'll find there. Mike has never been the same since that incident---more reflective and less "Hell with it all". Maybe some things are left alone. C.

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