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Two Fire Orbs Spotted in The Sky

Two Fire Orbs Spotted in The Sky

Visitor: stevenshelton

On November,2003; I was on route to visit my grandparents. To my right, just over a horse ranch; I saw a self- luminous entity. unknown in size due to it's brilliant pure gold intencity. To my front veiw I thought it was the moon, until my eyes focused, It appeared to have the circumpherance of a christmas ornament. Round, and big enough to scare a first timer. the outer shell was black with yellow lights also round. the object was surprisingly stable over pinetrees which measured about 85'. To my alternate right; just out of curiosity, I quickly looked around, and saw a third object.

This single red light seem to stare like a beacon, but it did'nt belong. As I suspected it to be, the object was with the unidentifiable scouting party. I raced to my grandparents home 30 yards from the dogleg T or left turn. I snatched my grandfather's WWll frigate binoculars without permission, and raced back to the scene to get a close up of the bright light in the sky. It had two balls of energy dancing frantically in its core. I could'nt see anything beyond that point. I noticed that I was the only one seeing the whole thing in my neck of the woods. My grandparents live in perdido beach, just off co.road 97( Baldwin Co. Ala. ) which is a frequent fly zone for close encounters. The two, low flying anomalies floated perfectly and did'nt make a single gesture, or disturbing sound. When the large orb moved, the red beacon proceeded as well. Not even after floating off to the river. They were roughly 20 yards apart, over the trees. By the time these two objects left my sight, the fire light in the sky had reached the level only visisble when squinting, thus recognizable because I saw it. the flaming chariot sat miles above it's original position, as a defiant display of godly magnitude.

I am one of many in family who bore witness to the close spectatorship of their arial acrobatics. steven shelton, from Alb. New Mexico, born October 17, 1972.

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