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Triangle UFO Over North Sea Oil Rig
Home - User Submitted Encounters

Triangle UFO Over North Sea Oil Rig

Date Submitted: 10/27/2014

Visitor: Uncle Albert

I would like to share my storey with you all, I am now 52 years of age and a retired police officer in the United Kingdom.

In a previous job I was on board of an oilrig standby vessels in the north sea, roughly 18 years ago, I was on watch with the skipper Dennis, it was approximately 2200 hrs at night, it was a beautiful clear night and very calm at sea. We had the engines turned off and we were just drifting away from the platform that we watched over, the Gannet Alpha in the forties field just a hundred miles east of Aberdeen. I was sitting in the bridge wing chair looking at the stars, as I did as there was no light refraction at sea and very clear vision, you could see the satellites go over at night.

I was looking up when I observed several lights in formation heading for the platform, I initially thought it might be a helicopter that we hadn't been told about heading for the platform.

I watched the lights as they approached for several minutes when I thought the formation was too big and must be a group of helicopters, I stood up and started looking closer at the lights, I initially thought they were getting too close to the platform, I started the engines and started heading back towards the platform. I told the skipper Dennis I think we had a problem the lights were moving very slowly but were very clear, we were approximately a mile and a half from the platform.

I again picked the binoculars up and started looking at the lights, it was heading straight for the platform, I told Dennis it was a solid triangular object which was massive, Dennis took hold of the binoculars and looked at the object, it was now only a couple of hundred metres from the platform.

I told Dennis I have checked the radar and there was nothing on it other than the platform I could not believe it was not showing up as it was huge.

Dennis said what do I do I said contact the platform to advise them of a possible near miss. Dennis called the platform and the radio operator said what are you saying, Dennis said I am, telling you there is a large triangular object over your platform twice the size of the platform.

The radio operator said he was going outside the radio hut to look up. The radio operator called back saying due the lights on the platform he could not even see stars at night, Dennis said it's there right over the platform very large going very slow. Dennis said what do you want me to do, the radio operator said you should contact the coast guard and report a UFO over the platform, Dennis said don't be daft think what will be said about me.

I continued to watch the large object go straight over the platform, I watched it for a very long time just after it cleared the platform the object moved sideways at high speed then shot up into the sky.

I have served in the royal navy and like to know military aircraft and I believe nothing on this planet could be built to fly that size or move like this.

I repeat this story to friends and parties, trust me they are here and watching us. I got home after a month at sea and watched a news story of a large triangular object being seen over power plants in Germany, many photographs were taken of the large object.

If this isn't enough tangible evidence with witnesses to corroborate a story then there is no evidence.

Uncle Albert

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