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UFOs, Aliens, and Triangles. Whats the Significance?

UFOs, Aliens, and Triangles. Whats the Significance?

Visitor: William Olsen

Message: I have been researching UFOs on my own now for a long time and I visit several websites on a daily basis to see sighting all around the world. There is one thing I noticed and it gave me an incredible idea, I would like to share it with you. Most UFO sightings captured on video are individual orbs that change into a triangle formation. This is seen in hundreds of videos and photos all around the world. The amazing thing is that even though a lot of these orbs ( not all ) seem to be operating independantly from the others, they ALWAYS take the shape of a Triangle. This could explain the significance of the pyramids in Egypt and the pyramid symbolism all around the world. When these ships are in these formations it is communication, as if they are trying to show our symbol which may be the triangle, either way it is communication of some sort.

Maybe another planet has a circle, another a square, geometric shapes are found all over earth and other planets, it would be safe to assume that the simplest form of communication may be to show these shapes. These ships have shown the ability to turn the lights on and off, yet they have been shown in the most populated areas on film showing a display. The orb shaped ships mostly stay perfectly still for minutes and sometimes hours, not moving out of a still video camera frame! Turning the lights on and off while doing so. The Phoenix light?s is one of the most publicized and greatest accounts in the United States in 1994, although this same thing is seen often worldwide. The triangle is also seen from an aerial photo of Area 15, showing one of the structures in the shape of a Pyramid. Could this be a form of communication they are using just as the Ancient peoples may have used as well, if not, what is the significance of the triangle shape seen in thousands of UFO cases. I would be very interested to see what types of sightings might occur if someone was to construct a large pyramid shaped structure or triangle, possibly in a field or an open area of some sort. This may be something you guys can try out, I would like to see it tested but do not have the resources myself. If you would not be interested maybe someone who you are in contact with would be interested. I would love to talk about it, any step towards the truth is a good one! I know there is much information than we know regarding the shape alone and i do not see any investigation into this at all, although it is right there in our face every time we see these crafts.

I am sending this out to you to see if someone would like to try out Pyramid idea or even just to discuss your ideas on the significance. Thanks for reading and hope to hear back!!

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