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The Alien White Light Of Knowledge

The Alien White Light Of Knowledge

Visitor: Ben

Message: England,Herefordshire,September 2005,Evening Around 11pm,Myself only person involved, Ben Spivey,,

All i can say is that i had that evening watched some t.v and then turned it off, was lying down on my back on my bed on top of the covers when totally unexpectedly my body all over had a tingly feeling which lasted say 3-4 seconds, then emedeatly after a brilliant white light that i felt take over my body. The light which felt alive reached my head and then i was blinded by it,,i could not control my thought at this time,,my nevous system knew something was happening my whole body went ridged and was fighting the deep power of the light via my heart. I was scared but could not control my voice or body. the white power was so strong it was truly unbelievable, then i could not see anything,,but in the time of seeing only white light, infomation so powerful entered me and when i woke i felt that i knew everything i ever needed to know about everything and my heart when the light faded was beating really fast but i was not sweating. the infomation i have from them is still inside me and i can use it whenever i want....they are pure and it is a mistery why they chose me...

the infomation was in the light.....i understood no message as such but had a feeling that they were there to help me and that they would be there for me and could understand me whatever i was feeling..in my 20 years of being alive and human when that light took me over when i awoke my body felt that it had gained something...I was raised a christian and have surved as an altor boy for 10 years..when i was 16 i decided to not take part in church on sunday with my parents and that was just fine..not because i disbelieved in god it just felt right at the time....

About a minute after the strangness happend i went downstairs feeling totally abnormal,,i was unlike anything i have ever experienced. i paused at the bottom and my head felt like it was spinning, i felt like i was going to faint but began to take control again....my hearing and senses were very alert and aware of everything...i had not taking any drugs or drink....i began to try and remember everything about my life starting with my name which came to me strangley after about 15 seconds which was scary....

I went back up to my room trying not to panic and went to bed. The next day was when i noticed i could do certain things that i could not of dreamed of doing before like my inner most private voice had gone from me and i could hear it talking like i would talk but in the t.v like in the audience...o.k that doesnt sound that weird......but i had never experienced this before....Black Magik comes to mind in this weird experience i had and still have. It is very weird but after accepting this voice was there i began understanding slowly how to release the power from me to my second being to perform if you like miricles using people inside the t.v......i can control them in certain ways for instance moving parts of there body i.e head mainly spelling out letters but still don't know how....i was in the train station and found inside my mind a force that they must have given me to protract light from 1 place to another......When listening to music i can hear my second body there ! singing back to me and i can feel very diiferent emotions like i have all power and the rush is very emense....

I understand your team is interested in all i have to say but it must be seen for real in person for you to truely understand

Thanks again and i hope that one day one of you can meet me in England for a chat about me...

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