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Alien By Bed At Night

Waking up in Texas to a glowing Man-like being and dreaming of floating in the air...

Visitor: Charlotte

Message: Temple, TX..1973. Until recently I took what I saw in my bedroom as a child {age 9}to be ghost. I woke one night to a tall glowing white figure of a man-like being to the side of my bed, at the foot of my bed was a short black man-like figure standing to his side carrying a row of orange candles. So afraid to even wake my sis sleeping with me I put my head under covers knowing when I looked again they would be gone because it was only a nightmare, they were still there as I dared to look again. I scambled out of bed from sis side to the door. I remember walking behind the back side of the black one. He was a solid body. Of course Mom and Dad came to turn on lights when I woke them and nothing was there. Every night I had to make sure the two louvoured doors on my closet were shut tight and I never hung my feet over the edge of the bed {still don\'t}. The reason I\'m believing the alien theory was another night a dark shadow of a person was standing in my doorway. The head had a shape reminding me of my Mothers big teased round hair. I woke my sister and she also saw it..we know it wasn\'t Mom. When I was grown Mother told me she saw the glowing white man 3 times. I also had dreams around that time of falling horrizontally and spinning down to my bed. And a dream so real of jumping in the air and each time I touched the ground I could go higher and higher like I was flying. It felt so real that upon waking I felt I had and could really do that. Also I can remember {2-3 times} in my sleep an ecsruciating pain in my anal and a few times a twisting grabbing pain below my stomache that would bring me out of a deep sleep. This happened also in early adulthood, I\'m 44. Until the last eight years I would wake up screaming out of bed terrified. I never remembered why. I also developed sleep paralyzation as an adult. Very scarry, afraid to go back to sleep because sometimes it would happen again as soon as I did. I still have this rarely. Anyway, I wondered if anything similar has happe! ned to a nyone else. {Also have had several psychic happenings and have seen orange triangular flying objects and a bright starlike flying object.

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