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Sleep Paralysis or Aliens
Home - User Submitted Encounters

Sleep Paralysis or Aliens

Date Submitted: 12/31/2014

Visitor: Jason N

Message: I just watched some alien documentaries on Netflix yesterday and realized that some of the things thy were saying are the exact experiences I have had.

In 2011 I lived in Redlands, CA at an apartment complex on Pennsylvania Ave. I don't remember the exact month, but could say probably between July and October.

I woke up in the middle of the night in what was exactly described on Netflix as a sleep paralysis, and saw what would be described as a grey alien in my room. This is where I think my encounter differs a bit though. This alien was more than 3ft tall. I would say more around 5ft tall. And it seemed to be somewhat visible in my dark room like it was almost glowing, but not? It didn't light up the room or anything if that makes sense, but I could very much so see it. Small room by the way.

When I saw it in my sleep paralysis, it seemed very shocked and scared almost and backed away. It then seemed to just turn and go through the window / wall and disappeared. Took a few minutes to get myself out of the sleep paralysis I think. But my eyes were open the entire time.

Also while living in Redlands, CA I was on the highway and saw a bright light hovering in the sky. I thought it was a plane at first as I was driving, but soon realized it wasn't moving. Looked much bigger than an airplane. No blinking lights. But was somewhat close to the Ontario airport, maybe 20mins away. In 2014 I now live in Birch Bay, WA. I saw a green something fall from the sky. It could have been a firework maybe? But it was not at any time near fireworks season nor did I hear any bangs.

Birch Bay is a very quiet and nice community and not fully developed either. So very quiet and heard no bang as if it were a firework. I immediately shouted at my wife "Look Look!" I immediately thought it looked like a falling star, but green.

I have also had some very odd experiences in my life. I had a dream about the Oklahoma City bombing the night before it happened. When I turned on my TV in the morning I was shocked. I was a young teen then.

Recently, the first night I hung out with my now wife, I woke up at night and told her in a dead sleep what her username and password was for her email and such. It was a name and a sequence of numbers. I immediately fell back asleep and barely remember doing it. She was in shock and stayed awake for two more hours until I woke up and she immediately told me about it. This was our first night together and I hardly knew her lol. She didn't know what to think.

I also had a dream the night before my wife called me telling me she was pregnant. Of course that dream was that she was pregnant. I have had many others like this.

I would just like to say that I am not a crazy or wired individual, and have a very successful life with many friends and consider myself to be intelligent. I'm not looking for anything from this, just wanted to share my story with someone and see if there are any other thoughts. Thanks.

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