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Secret Alien Base Dream
Home - User Submitted Encounters

Secret Alien Base Dream

Date Submitted: 06/06/2014

Visitor: Candy


This was in a dream, but I am not sure it was a dream.

A few months ago I dreamt that I was in this car with this young man who claimed that he had secret knowledge of a space and intelligence base in the area.

We were driving, but where was a mystery. It looked like earth, but the roads were dark and the area was a bridge over water, I remember we were going to the store just me him and his mom.

My husband and I were visiting people while traveling, however, this was like I remember feeling very tired, and I was listening to him talk about his experience in the jail or facility for where the government had him incarcerated at.

I thought it was so far-fetched, as most young guys he set out to prove it to me. We drove for a long time as it was, and we were supposed to turn off the road we were on if we were going to the store, I became nervous because I didn't know him or his mother and here I am going to the store with these people.

It was daylight and we had gone toward this mountain you would think that the mountain was all that was there, but still over water we drove in through a gate where I saw a lot of vehicles parked there and people looking very dazed. He told me just follow them in and you will see for your self.

There were people, children, adults and one man who had no clothes on at all. It seemed they were taken out of thier beds. I did follow them and we were all guided into this huge warehouse and in the center there was a bright shiny silver very large piece of equipment. There was an up stairs and down stairs. Clearly there were workers in the place and we were surrounded by aliens and humans as well.

The Lady that came out to greet us and told us to gather around the metal object. I should add that there was a ton of people because the object thing was more than about 2 stories tall almost looked like what TV displays as a nuclear reactor, but I don't think that was what it was. There was, however, a metal rope gate thing around it to really prevent us from standing too close to it. We were all in a circle all around it, this object seemed to me almost like a 2 way mirror.

I saw people around me looking confused like they were wondering where are we and why are we here and how did we get here, I had the same questions, I saw a capsule thingy that some aliens would just seem to disappear in and it was spongy and felt weird, and zoom off they went it was like a vehicle.

I saw aliens and humans alike watching us from a second floor window the lady explained that wouldn't hurt us that this was a medical scanning. I remember I was in front right in front of the shiny circle thingy, and momentarily we all just like kneeled over and we were being scanned all at once. Some of us were told we were to be inoculated and I was one that did.

I remember this alien came to me and he inoculated me with this large needle looking thing. I felt it touch me and heard the air pressure thingy go through the tube and I looked over and saw them take the naked man into a different room and I was concerned for him but he was brought back out.

He seemed to have a different kind of something done to him. I, in my head, asked what I was being inoculated for and the lady inside my head answered my questions. I dont remember returning home or the dream being taken further, but I had certainly never had that kind of dream like that before and I had heard of dreams of alien encounters that were real, so I dont know what this was but it was strange to say the least.

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