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Area 51 Truth

Air Defense Artillery Battery Commander Talks About Area 51 UFO Crash

Date Submitted: 12/13/2010

Visitor: Steven Hayes

Message: Incident at Roswell:

Area  51 Materials

While I was an Air Defense Artillery Battery Commander at Roswell N.M. I experienced a viewing of the Top Secret contents of the reserve facility safe which contained items that had inadvertently made their way to the unit safe. These items were defiantly alien and I handled them and read some of the military documents related to the crash of an alien craft in 1947.

At the time of the incident in 1988, I lived in El Paso Texas where I was discharged from active duty at Ft. Bliss, Texas. I still had reserve commitment to fulfill due to my regular army commission as an Air Defense Artillery Officer. The New Mexico Army National Guard was mostly Air Defense Units, so I was able to procure a Reserve Officers position with the unit in Roswell New Mexico. One weekend a month I travelled from El Paso to Roswell to perform my reserve duties. Most of the Officers travelled from other places and stayed over the week-end in Roswell, while the enlisted men were from the local area.

One Saturday night after the duty day was done and the enlisted men had gone home for the evening, some of us officers got together in the Battalion Commanders office for a few beers. The conversation moved into a discussion about the 1947 alien crash landing. Several hours passed by and one by one the other officers filed off to their motels. I used to bunk out at the Armory on a cot to save a few bucks, so I hung around with the Battalion Executive Officer, Major M.G. from Santa Fe. He asked me if I wanted to see some real stuff from the crash as I didn't believe it was alien. He opened the safe and took out a sort of ledger looking book marked "Top Secret"(we both had the needed security clearances). Inside the front cover was a folded up silver cellophane looking material and a small piece of an I-beam about 10" long x "wide. Inside the beam was written some weird looking symbols, but I had the distinct impression they were mathematical. I had never seen any writing like that nor have I since. He unfolded the cellophane piece of material, held it about chest high and let go, to my amazement it floated in the air did not fall or rise. The Major then said "watch this", poked the bottom with the eraser end of a pencil and it began to float up, he then poked it from above and it began to float down. He grabbed the sheet of cellophane and folded it back up like a sheet of paper and put it back in the book.

I was also able to take a quick read of some of the documents in the book one indicated the wreckage had been moved to Wright-Patterson Air base in Ohio for further examination. Some other documents were initial examination and situation reports stating that the craft was not friendly, but should be considered as a "Foe".

I asked the Major how this stuff ended up in our safe and he told me when they closed the Air Force Base in Roswell the safe came from there along with the contents. He was unsure why it was not checked for contents, only that the National Guard Armory in Roswell got first pick of surplus items from the base closing and since they needed a safe they got it along with its contents. He also asked me why I thought they closed the Air Force base in Roswell. Especially when it was the only base that had runways capable of landing and takeoffs of large aircraft. The Air Force was still using the runways for practice landings and takeoffs as of that date. So it was a valuable military asset. My conclusion was that our government wanted no remnants of the crash investigation facility left around so they closed the base despite being a valuable asset.

I also concluded that since the military considered the UFO a "Foe"( meaning we don't think the aliens are our friends) that the States of New Mexico and Ohio are the only states that have been commissioned with Air Defense Artillery Units capable of shooting down enemy aircraft. The Major verified my conclusions on both counts.

I am left with these questions in my mind: Are the aliens looking to recover their wreckage? Are they looking in New Mexico or where the wreckage was taken to Ohio and eventually to Nevada? Why are there so many UFO sighting reports in these three areas? Has our government taken advantage of the alien technology found in the wreckage? If the aliens are not our friends are they our enemy or are they neutral? I hope by telling my story I can add my account to the many already given and prompt full disclosure by our government to our citizens who have a right to know the truth.

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