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Reptilian Creature in other Dimension
Home - User Submitted Encounters

Reptilian Creature in other Dimension

Date Submitted: 06/06/2014

Visitor: Mike S.

Hello Joel.

Let me start off by saying that the attached photo is the "closest representation" I could find on the internet of a "creature" I saw during what I would explain as lucid dreaming.

I was awake, imo, with my eyes closed. I saw a gray oval like a window into another dimension, and this creature walked by, stopped, turned and looked at me for a few seconds and then turned and walked past the other side of my view.

He seemed strong, like an intelligent laborer or athlete. All scales but not like a fish. Seemed human-like in intelligence. I was not a threat and he seemed to want me to see him. May have had clothes on lower body, but I don't remember seeing past his chest.

Thanks for your time. Haven't told anyone else besides a close family member.

Reptilian Creature in other Dimension

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