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Reptilian Alien Found By US Government-Everyone Was Killed

Reptilian Alien Found By US Government-Everyone Was Killed

Visitor: Marius Teigen

Message: Hello. The story that follows was told to me by my father, who was involved with some UFO stuff in the '70s. He did not experience this particular event himself, but was later involved with a similar case!

Here goes: Sometime between 1965 and '75, the US military had some anti-drug operations in South America(i don't know the exact location, though, probably Panama or Brazil). They had traced down some drug lord and raided his mansion, only to find out that he had escaped. They followed his tracks into the jungle and soon found him. Skinned! I am not joking! Like in the movie, his skin was completely ripped off!

The military guys could not understand what had happened to him, but they soon found out. The next events are a bit unclear, but they acually encountered a humanoid reptile! This is very similar to the movie, and the reason for that is that the people who made "Predator" got the story from some ex-government guy(s)! Anyway, those military men got killed by this thing, and that is about it! As far as i have understood, the actual predator was quite unlike the movie version! Different head, it had a more oval shape to it, and that spider-like mouth is just wrong! Imagine a cross between Velociraptor and human!

This is all my father knows about this case! If you don't believe this story, then OK, does'nt matter! I am just telling my fathers story!


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