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Red and Green Flashing UFO's Spotted

Red and Green Flashing UFO's Spotted

Visitor: Nicky Garcia

Message: Around 11 in the evening around a month ago, I noticed some strange lights outside my house. I was just falling asleep when I saw a flash of light through my window. Deciding to investigate, I peeked my head out of my window, looking up at the sky. I saw a bright red and green flashing orb travelling east at about the same speed as an airplane. I thought nothing of it but another object almost identical to the previous one followed. The only significant difference i noticed was the second one travelled a bit faster, seeming to attempt to catch up to the first craft.

I was astounded. I watched for another ten minutes or so and I saw yet another craft in the sky. This one was blinking white and dipped down behind a neighbor's house and did not reappear. I decided to contact the local airport the following day and they informed me there were no planes flying at all the night the strange occurances took place.

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