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Rash and Alien Imprint Behind TV
Home - User Submitted Encounters

Rash and Alien Imprint Behind TV

Date Submitted: 05/29/2013

Visitor: David

My name is David and over the last year maybe a little longer I have been quite curious of aliens. I would like to tell a story and then I'll explain the picture.

My initial thoughts came from the movie 'The fourth Kind' which I watched a while ago. Really I've always been curious, just have never experienced such things.

That night and several nights after I was scared. Common fear I suppose. What makes me send you this is that I was looking up about rashes and I just watched 'Dark Skies'. This all could be some mental manifestation I suppose from watching such movies, but something tells me there's more to it. I had a rash on my back shoulder blade the next day if I remember correctly. It was like a grouping of pimples in an oval shaped red area. I asked someone about it and they said it looked like poison ivy or some kind of rash. It came over me almost positive and even with that I was not in contact with any plant life. That night as well I kept hearing something messing with things in the living room. I will say again, it could be that my mind was playing tricks on me.

When I was looking at the T.V. the next day there were four finger prints on it and they were skinny and slightly long. Kind of like if I put my hand on the T.V. That could also be someone else, like a friend or my mom or someone I know who was around.

Several months ago me and my mother went to the casino, in the sky above, yet distant from a radio tower I seen a group of lights sitting still. I pointed it out and my mother said it looked like a shoe. She's not to big into such things, so we didn't continue about it. This is what scares me most about this idea and the thought that aliens can get into a place without actually walking through a door comes to mind from the movie 'Dark Skies'. Which the rash came to mind as well.

We moved just over a month ago now and when the T.V. was removed I found what I thought was just dust(which the picture will show) from the T.V. being to close. It's an older T.V. so it pertrudes in the back. I hear ringing in my ears and I usually associate this with someone talking about me, for that is what I've always been told. One ear will ring or the other, sometimes both but rarely. The ringing varies in sound and depth. I never associated this with aliens until now.

A few weeks ago, as I meditate. I was having a bad day. There was a tone like voice, which didn't speak english, but it did sound in my head to me like someone or something was talking. It was a very short sentence and it scared me. I thought at first it was God, but these movies make it seem like something else. Also, in my visual with my eyes closed saw what looked like a hand with longer fingers going into the center of my eye. I opened my eyes immediately and turned the lights on. I wouldn't consider myself easily scared, but this scared me. My eyes watered and I didn't want to be alone. It's I think actually making more sense now.

Anyway, I've never been told I was missing without my knowledge and I can't say that I remember a time when time has seemingly disappeared. Since these things started happeneing I have become more anti-social and things to me are different. I will say that for some reason things that used to make no sense make more sense now. Actual things like science or math and such.

The picture I am sending you comes from behind the T.V> on the wall, which it's not dust and doesn't wipe a way. You could say it doesn't look evil, but I know decpetion and I am a righteous person. So if they have good intentions which the face doesn't seem evil, but if they have evil intentions and know what they know about me, they will have to deceive me with something peaceful. Whatever it is, whatever you believe...the picture is off of a cell phone so the qaulity is not the best. It could be a form of contact or leaving a mark...Either something was there or my mind played one hell of a trick...

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