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Possible UFO over Skiathos, Greece?
Home - User Submitted Encounters

Possible UFO over Skiathos, Greece?

Date Submitted: 09/18/2012

Visitor: Stefan

Message: First to introduce myself shortly.

UFO over Skiathos, Greece

My name is Stefan, I'm 26, and I am an electronic engineer. I live in Belgrade, Serbia. As far as I can remember I was interested in science. Intensively working with computers, sooner or later I had to find out about tremendous variety of astounding information on the internet, not ever mentioned in school or in media. This of course includes UFOs and the vast documentation surrounding it.

Now, let's move on to the subject.

I returned from my holiday a few days ago. Browsing the photos me and my girlfriend took at Skiathos, Greece, I noticed something strange in the upper left corner of one of the photos (see the attachement). There appears to be a dark shiny object. The photo was taken by my girlfriend (September 9, 12:40), at the Koukunaries beach (approximate camera location at the time of shooting: 39 8'56.15"N, 2324'22.16"E). At that time, I was in the woods about 30 m away, feeding the swans and ducks. She is convinced it is a bird from the nearby protected area of Koukunaries, and she doesn't remember anything strange taking place at the time of the shooting. On the other hand, I can't hide that this shape somehow resembles to UFO photos I saw before. I don't exclude fair probability it is only a blurred bird shot at unusual angle.

Unfortunately the dark object is far, and the camera has relatively low resolution (6 Mpx), so it is practically impossible for me to differentiate whether it is a bird or a UFO. This is why I started to look for someone with UFO experience, willing to take a look at photos sent by email.

Sorry If I'm wasting your time, thanks in advance, Regards from Belgrade ~

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