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Possible Alien Abduction

Possible Alien Abduction

Date Submitted: 09/28/2009

Visitor: Ardvaz

Message: This might be to late to tell my story because it happened more than 50 years ago when I was 4 or 5 year kid, now I'm 58. At the time in my country we had very limited radio broadcasting and no TV at all most of the country had poor living condition and very poor communication system and worst than that very very poor education, by the way I'm talking about Iran and I was born in Tehran. I gave you a little background of my past to explain the virginity of my mind at the time.

I can't remember the exact time and date but I can remember very well and clearly what happened to me when I was a child. It was summer, for couple of days I had a bad dreams all the same way like the night before and because of that I had a fear to go to sleep because I was sure the dream will come and ones again I will float and spinning fast in the air and that was a very bad experience and I was trying to avoid to have that experience again by avoiding to sleep.

I dreamed I'm floating on the air horizontally and spinning fast and faster and kinetic energy wants to separate my body apart and I had no control to stop that. I am on the air very bright room or environment, I can see myself spinning, spinning, spinning and suddenly dream comes to end with no other memory other than very bright environment and violent spinning.

I'm not sure that was a abduction or what? when I was in west Germany 20 years ago an MIR picture from my middle body to verify unknown kidney pain showed a black tiny object at the size of a lentil. Doctors were unable to explain and I saw that picture too and still I can remember that object well after all this years. I really don't know and I can't explain why small children having fear of me without any good reason by the way I love kids so much. As soon as starting having electricity in our life, at the time I was 10 or 12 and we had our first radio receiver. I was playing with 220 volt live electrical wires and experimenting electrical switches, bulbs etc, and by age 14 or so I made my first radio transmitter and I was good on electronic with no education and good knowledge of electronic, just by looking the magazines and some very basic electronic books, and I don't know the real source. there is more things in my life I can't explain, might be from that dreams or what? I was reading story's of abduction at this site and by the chance I found some similar to mine. Ardvaz.

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