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A Pink Flash And Three Triangle UFOs

A Pink Flash And Three Triangle UFOs

Visitor: mark quarles

Message: In 1992 in Chattanooga, TN while kicking a soccer ball back and forth with a friend, Dale, under a street light at night I saw possible UFO's. The black sky sunddenly blazed pink for just a second and then the pink disappeared. After the pink was gone three seperate lighted triangles appeared. Only the corners of the triangles were lighted. The three triangles flew in every direction, back and forth eratically. Before I could tell Dale to turn around they were gone. I told Dale what I saw and we watched the sky for a minute or two and it happened again just as before. We both saw the sky blaze pink and again the triangles appeared. After seeing it twice we ran inside and told Dale's parents to come outside but they thought we were crazy. We never saw them again. Any ideas???

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