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Three Orb's Seen in London England

Three Orb's Seen in London England

Visitor: Mason Peak

Message: I live in Romford in the city of london and I am 12 years of age. I was coming back from picking up my sister from work and I saw 3 orange globes that were too big to be a plane. The traffic stopped and everyone got out of their cars. Some run into nearby shops or under bus shelters. They slowly faded away. But I went to a party that night with my friend and then we saw a disk-shaped thing with lights all over it. It zoomed out of sight. In the morning in the newspaper it stated that someone had seen the same thing and it had hit a wind turbine. But no-one could find a plane or the missing blade. When I went back to school you could see scorch marks on the field and the park next to me had been burned badly too.

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