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Orange Ball of Fire is a UFO

Orange Ball of Fire is a UFO

Date Submitted: 09/14/2009

Visitor: Zack

Message: Well I was outside with my telescope star gazing and I was just about to go inside the house when all of a sudden a big giant bright orange star caming flying out of the northeast it was bigger than a regular star or planet and it even was brigher and bigger too it was moving a little bit faster than an airplane and so I took my telescope and pointed at trying to follow it.

I looked through my scope and I saw an orange ship and there was steam pouring out the back of it alot of steam by the way and I could see a black retangular window and these four green triangles on the top parts of the ship it only looked like that through my telescope and it kept on flying through the night sky and vanished in the southeast.

It happened in El Dorado Springs, Missouri and I can't remember the exact date or time all I know is that it was during the summer time and it was a late evening my name is Zack I was the only one who saw it and I don't have any pictures of it I wish I did though.

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