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Multiple Sightings in Illinois
Home - User Submitted Encounters

Multiple Sightings in Illinois Plus Military Choppers

Date Submitted: 05/04/2012

Visitor: Chris

I have had this picture for years now and it was taken with a hunting camera that I had strapped to the tree in my front yard. The camera was probably about six to seven feet off the ground and I placed it there due to many weird experiences at our country home in Illinois.

One time when myself, my wife & son was rolling the trash cans to the road for pickup the next day I happened to look up and there was a "Ship" that was very big and very low...I could have hit it with a rock. We just stood there staring at this thing as it siliently floated overhead heading in a Northly direction. The belley of this thing had lots of what loked like tubing running through out the botttom. As it passed you could see a bar along the rear of the craft that glew a pulsating yellow and had a low hum...hum..sound.

Other weird experiences...we lived in the country at the time..is one early morning..probably around 3:am I awoke to go to the bathroom and when I returned to the bedroom I happened to look up and on the ceiling and directly above my head and my wifes head on the ceiling were three small blueish traingles that were rotating slowly clockwise. I reached up to touch this and immediately was rendered unmovable. They disappeared and I sat up the rest of the morning.

All members of my family also seen on several occasions black unmarked twin blade huge huoy helicopters lifting off from the woods in the back of are home. I would be working late night in my home office and would out of the blue what sounded very clearly and close to me what sounded like two mechanical voices...this lasted about a minute and sounded like they were haveing a conversation. This happened several times also.

But anyway..we always seen objects in the sky and after we seen the ship float over us and heard that huming sound...we realized that we had heard that same sound alot at night but didn't know where it was coming from. At first I thought the pic I am sending you was just a snake that had slithered up the tree & got into view of the cameras eye. But my neighbor at the time is a snake expert & I showed him the pic and he said that it wasn't a snake...the scales in the pic did not look snake like or the color of the eye. Please give me your opinion of what it may be?? I have been told a reptilian alien?? Especially considering the unusual activities and sightings in and around our country home. We have since moved into town.

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