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Mayaguez UFO Sighting
Home - User Submitted Encounters

Mayaguez UFO Sighting Puerto Rico

Date Submitted: 02/19/2015

Visitor: Javier N.

Message: Between 1971 and 1974... summer... around 7pm or a little later...

Place: City of Mayaguez, Puerto Rico beach area.

I was around 11 and my sister could have been 10 since we are 1.9 yrs apart... We can't remember the specifics of where we were prior of the sighting....

We witnessed an orange disk hovering very close over our house which compared to our house The disc could have been 30 to 40 meters and I come with this estimated length because in the last 25 years I always stand and bring out the memories of the encounter...

Anyway, as we are staring at this orange disk, the disk just darted straight up, at this time we are Almost underneath, what we saw was the disk getting smaller until it disappeared. ...

What makes this sighting interesting is that my sister many years later brought it up in a conversation and here I am thinking that she had forgotten it. In PR "OVNI" or UFO is nothing new, there are a lot of sightings, back in the mid 80's an old friend of mine got a hold of a picture of full ufo disk coming out or diving into the ocean, this picture was so clear that I hope is still out there, then again ufo weren't taken that seriously back then.....

PS; In April of 1983 a friend of mine and I saw this weird lighs around the moon That at one point one started chasing the first one which was traveling above a full moon When the first light just sped up as the second light started zig zagging at a very high speed Until the both disappear....about 10 yrs ago a ran across my friend and we brought up the incident and his words were some people just don't believe.....

This stories true, and i have never made an official Report to anyone....

Thank for letting me report this. Or, I finally had the guts to do it...


Javier N.

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