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UFOs Caught on Camera Over Maungaturoto, Northland, New Zealand
Home - User Submitted Encounters

UFOs Caught on Camera Over Maungaturoto, Northland, New Zealand

Visitor: Gavin

Message: I found some which were taken at night with one day picture, which I just happened to notice was unusual after taking it. The night pictures were taken on 17/10/2012 at am. The day photo was taken on 20/9/2012. The pictures were taken with a sony cybershot DSC-W150. The night photos were long exposure with twilight setting.

Day photo was usin panorama setting. All pictures are taken outside my house on the driveway. I live in Maungaturoto, Northland, New Zealand. I have taken thousands of pictures since realizing what is up there. I seem to live at a major hot spot. Kaipara harbour is close by, one of the largest harbours in the world, with almost no shipping as it is so dangerous. just a bit of background. All pictures are "as is" without enhancement.

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