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Many UFO Sightings in Raleigh N.C.
Home - User Submitted Encounters

Many UFO Sightings in Raleigh N.C.

Date Submitted: 07/24/2012

Visitor: Jack M.

Message: My name is Jack and I was born on May 18, 1947. Which was as you know was the same year of the Roswell incident.

I lived in the country outside Raleigh N.C.

When I was in the fourth or fifth grade, we were outside in the play ground of my elementary school and we all looked up in the sky and saw a silver disk shaped object that we all agreed was an UFO. I will never forget it.

For years after that there were several reports of UFO sightings in the Raleigh area. So my friend and started staying up late and watching the night sky. We would sit on hill at my grandmothers house and look to the west out over a heavily forested area. Many nights we would see bright orbs of lights rising out of the forest about ten miles in the distance. They would go very high in the air and stop. After a few seconds they would take of horizontally and go really fast until they were out of sight. We saw them many nights and hiked the forest during the day looking for clues. In that area there was a gated parcel of land that we were told was owned by the military. Supposedly they trained guard dogs there.

One night during that time my uncle who had a workshop, on that hill where we sat, called my home which was in the woods down the hill. He said that there was a large UFO hovering over our house. We didn't believe him because he was always in the shop having a few. We never looked out either.

Years later when I was in my early twenties I was working in an Architectural/Engineering firm outside of Raleigh. There were allot of sightings in Raleigh during this time.

One morning I came into work and the head architect was already there with his wife and family. They had been there since three o'clock in the morning. The children were noticeably shaken up. The architect said the children had woke him up in the night and told him that he had left all the lights on in the house. He said the the house was lit up as bright as day. In the field behind the house was an large object that was so bright he could not make out the shape.

Just thought I would share this with you. Would appreciate any other stories you might have of sightings in and around Raleigh area during this time.

Jack M.

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