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Multiple UFO Sightings in Norway

Multiple UFO Sightings in Norway

Date Submitted: 01/21/2010

Visitor: Kaf Kensington

Message: Message: Hi, great site guys, very profecional. Cool with the hate mails too LOL
Better to be the bigger man and rise above it ; )

Anyway, I've never told my stories to other than a couple of friends and the people involved, but I have seen ufo's on many occations, all of them in Norway. I'll try to make it brief;

1.Kongsberg june/july 1994. Appx.2 a.m

Me and my girlfriend wanted to get away so we rented a cottage for a couple of days in Kongsberg near Kongsberg weapons factory (I didn't know at the time). She fell asleep, I was looking out the window into the dark and there it was, the classic blinking light bouncing up and down, to and fro at incredible speeds. I went outside and within a few seconds it came towards me, slowly, then it shot accross my head.

I went back in, looked out the window and there it was again, a little closer than before. It had obviously seen me outside so I tried to wave at it and it blinked at me everytime I did, this went on for an hour or so (I woke my girlfriend btw and she saw it too). Got bored with it and we went to sleep.

2. Tveita, Oslo June/July 1994.appx 5.30.a.m

In our apartement, same girlfriend had fallen asleep, I'm a nighthawk. Looking out the window over the city a bright light was flying way high at slow speed, back and forth, then it suddenly came down really, really fast, stopped instantly and was hanging right in front of me in the sky not far away, maybe some 50 miles ahead.

The sun was slowly rising and then the strangest thing happened. To the right of me (I'm guessing at Lorenskog military airport) a helikopter rose and flew at normal speed towards the light. When it got to where the light was, the light shut off and I couldn't see the ufo anymore. The helicopter hung there for a while then turned back and flew very fast back to where it came from. As if in a hurry. Set down behind the horizon and that was it.

3. Sandefjord 2000-2010, appx 1-6.30.am

This is a little different as I live on a small farm out in the country now, with a new girlfriend Linda, also two horses and two dogs (for later reference). Out here it's an ongoing thing to this day. In the summer I know exactly where to look now, as there seems to be a wormhole here and they come flying in and out with a flash. Then go about their business.

I can tell by the sky when it's what I now refer to as ufo night, there are more "stars" those nights and I've shown several people, including a none beliver a few weeks ago who'll swear to it now, as there were two blue lights pretty much ON the property.

Here's one; For once I had fallen asleep a little earlier, around 11.p.m, when I had sort of shock wake-up call with a picture of the one horse we had back then. I quickly got up and thought I, or Linda had forgotten to feed him or something so I went outside at appx 12 a.m up to the stables. He had his head out the door and was well fed (good), when I got the same horrific feeling that had woke me up then an orange light came shooting over the stable and I thought we were gonna get hit, although it was gone as fast as it came. No sound of course, but what an eary feeling man. I can feel them now.

Just a quick daytime one; Linda and I were driving from Tonsberg (the next town) and she suddenly shouted WOW as I almost drove off the road when a metallic object passed right above the hood of our car, from left to right, at an insane speed.

Sorry for taking up so much time, but I feel this is important as this is ongoing and I know when and were to find them now. Also I do not like the feeling I get from them, but when they're further away, going in and out of the wormhole I can't help but be amazed. They're doing SOMETHING up there, flying from one "star" to the next and then leaving before the planes at Torp Airport, Sandefjord start their business in the morning.

I've only tried to take pictures once not long ago, but only have a cheap digicam, wich you can also film with, so I tried that about two moths ago, nothing came up on the film, just darkness. I don't know how to film or shoot pics in the dark, but know it has something to do with the shutter mechanism, but it's just cheap one and I don't know how to make it do what I want. I should probably have cared more all these years and bought some real stuff, but I usually buy things for my music studio, wich is my business, rather than indulge my curiosity in ufo's ; /

You are welcome to come see them if you want, they show up at least 1 week a month during spring/summer. Sometimes in the winter too, but I know where to look in the summer, for the wormhole, so it's easier. We might be renting this house to someone else in the near future though, because of the finances these days.

Be well & keep up the good work

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