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Moving Stars in the Sky

Moving Stars In The Sky?

Visitor: Sylvia

United States, San Jose Calif...I don't remember the date but it was in the summer month of September 1985. I took notice of what I thought was a few stares moving in and out of the sky or so I thought...That was un-tell one began to move very. very fast across the sky in and out or in cercles and then just stop. After about an houre or so of watching it,it was as if I had been put in a transe.

I say this because I don't remember going back in to the house I could never explain that part of what happed that night but what I do remember is it was a hot summer night and I was laying on the floor trying to keep cool I had the window open to let in what little air I could. As I was laying there watching to see what would happen out came 2 more of what I thought were stares doing the same thing, I thougt to myself that is really strang I have never seen anything like that befor so I keept my thoughts on what they could be...They would travel in and out of what I called space I say this only because they would disapear and then reapaer in the same spot then the 3 of them would move in the same direction at the same time. I took notice that they seem to be going the the north of me just over my house so I got up off the floor and ran outside in the front my house...I did take note of the lights or so I thougt were stars at the time when they all disapeard at the same time, no big deal right? wrong...What came out of the darkness of the sky was something I will never forget to this day 24 years later and if you ask me 24 years later I will tell you the same thing. I was 25 years old at the time this took place.

What I seen came strate out of the sky as if there were a door and they just opend it and let them self in...

In other words a black hole what fallowed were a set of light (7) sets of (3's) all in an arow formation but they were broken up in to groups of 3's one set of 3's seemed to be the leader while the other groups fallowed behind in an arow formation there were a group of (3) to the left and a group of (3) to the right. All in all there were 21 lights. moveing very, very slow and what was even more strang is that there was compleet sileance no nose at all. No loud booms one would here from a jet or plane passing over there was nothing just me and the lights that are now moveing to the south I watch for as long as I could that was un-tell again what I called a door or black hole opend up and that fast they were gone. I never again seen anything like it. Now they live only in my memory as if it happend yesterday in the summer of month of September 1985 set at around 02:AM

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