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Large Metallic Disk Hovering in the Sky

Large Metallic Disk Hovering in the Sky

Date Submitted: 11/08/2009

Visitor: Rebecca *fake name*

Message: 3 eye-witnesses. Seen by me(in detail), my aunt and some woman I later talked to.

This happened in India in the 1990s.

I was visiting my relatives. I was a teenager then. As the car I was in pulled in front of my relatives house, I looked up and to my shock and surprise I saw a metallic gray disc hovering right above their house. It had some engravings on the underside and also had green and red lights all around the circumference. Surprisingly, for it's size, it did not make any sound. I must have stared at it for a minute and then it vanished without a trace. It was also seen by my aunt and a woman who was drying clothes on the roof. The poor woman ran screaming down the stairs after seeing these strange lights.

I am a scientist now, and think about all things logically. What I saw that day does not make sense to me. In fact, with each passing day it seems more and more like a dream. However, I was not the only one who saw it. I leave it to the readers to draw their own conclusions.

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