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It Was A Moth Man Alien

It Was A Moth Man Alien

Visitor: Jake Maehl

Message: Hello, my name is Jake Maehl. I am 22 years young, and have never sent a comment to any web site on the internet before, until now. I was raised in a normal family, my dad was an officer in the marine corps, and i have seen, and loved looking at jets and stealth planes as a kid, and even to this day. Having this knowledge made me spooked/interested enough to write about this 1 of 3 different sightings. On the night of my 22nd birthday (September, 26th 1985) I was at an apartment with friends, i worked that night, so i wasnt partying or anything... no drugs. no alcohol. stone sober. A friend was smoking a cig. on the balcony so i stepped out with him, it was facing south. I dont smoke. it was 11pm or 12am. we were talking, and both had commented on how perfectly clear the sky was. the stars were shining, it was great. He was talking, and i was staring into the sky, just above the horizon. I began to look toward the roofline of the apt, and i saw what, at first, looked like a maple leaf falling. but a second or two into stareing at it, i saw more of a shape! I never saw any detail other than the silhouette! no other light, but just the outline of it. it had wings. but they looked like a butterfly, that was my first instinct after a leaf. but no, it was ever so softly, falling in a diret descent down, so i immediately knew that a leaf cant fall that speed/path. neither could a butterfly/bird/plane/bug without flapping a wing, or making a sound. the strange part was that, Im getting chills writing this! honestly! the strange part was that the moment i knew it couldnt be anything ive seen, it almost seemed to sense that i had noticed it! i got that feeling, and i trust my instincts!! at that moment it immediately changed from a descent, to a 90 degree right turn. as it was falling straight down, it looked like a tiny person with moth wings. it looked like a mothman! round wings, like a huge four-leaf clover on your back, that shaped. I saw antenae in the silhouette, i saw legs that had k! nees bending like ours, and i think i saw arms with elbows bending human-like too! I was stunned, all this happening in about 16 seconds or so! by then i could say, DUDE! LOOK! LOOK! he was talking the whole time, and stopped to turn to where i was pointing. He didnt even see anything, i was almost sure that he turned in time to see before it dissipated into thin air after looking like a fairy or something, to a superman-type flight, no wing movement at all! i was so stunned, and excited, and spooked at the same time! I said, \"feel my f-ing neck man! I cant fake this kind of stuff!\" he was shocked! he said, in better words, holy crap! goosebumps are huge, and i look like ive seen a ghost, in the blink of an eye! right when he was talking. I cant believe i saw that thing! it was something that i sensed it had a conscience, or self-awareness, i just felt that. I will stand by this story and others that wont fit on this message. I have never been so moved by seeing one thing! I am 100 percent positive there are advanced \"things\" that can fly on their own. and i have seen the some big bright lights with a group of 6 friends, and a buddy that was 3 blocks away that video taped it and zoomed in, and didnt get any detail but light. and didnt belive it was an important shot, he deleted it! but that still leaves the other witnesses and me, and my past stories all add up, and tonight i just realized it! It means so much to me! I have to speak out because my stories match up with so many of the clips, and stories ive seen on the history channel!!! I believe that a lot of people B.S. about ufo sightings, but i have no benefit to telling these stories. But i have the urge to document these sightings!! contact me if you have any feedback please! or any information about related expieriences. Thank you

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