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Non Believer Sees a UFO In Beirut, Lebanon

Non Believer Sees a UFO In Beirut, Lebanon

Date Submitted: 03/31/2010

Visitor: khodor Berjaw

Message: Hi, Like many others , I have heard and read a lot of books and material about UFOs. I'm an open-minded person, yet unless there is a solid proof, I sort of keep this information in a "mental" file, not cofirming it or denying it. But back about 6 or seven years ago I took my son to friend of mine who is a math and physics teacher to help him review some lessons.

My friend's house is on the hills which are about 8 miles south of Beirut,Lebanon. Upon leaving his house at around 10:00 PM as far as I remember, my friend escorted us to my car. Just then I looked at the starry night and noticed what looked like an orbitting satellite, except that it was not floating in orbit but rather on an erratic course. My friend said that it was a satellite, I told that I didnit think it was a satellite because of the way it was moving. Just then we heard the unmitakable roar of Israeli jet fighters overhead. Their noise lasted les than 4 minutes. The "object" was not to be seen after that.

A few months later I saw a report on the incident on a UFO site, and was really surprised because I was right after all: it was not a satellite. As I remember , the Israeli interceptors could not explain that strange incident too.

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