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The UFO Was So Close I could See The Alien At The Controls.

The UFO Was So Close I could See The Alien At The Controls.

Visitor: jimmmy g

Message: fri may 15 09 going up north to the cottage ,when at dusk a orange disc appeared from being invisable above a hydro tower up hwy 37 north towards tweed ont. stood still then hovered over to another tower, looked like it was somehow taking power, this was about quater mile away. then as me and my buddy were watching it flew perfectly over the tree tops about 50 ft above then veired over to my suv. i thought what the hell is this from bright orange to a solid purple like it was regenerating or something like that/ we were in shock,from 80 kms i slammed on the brakes to 60 kms.

the disc manouvered down at us when i seen the alien on the controls 2 stick and many levers shifts up and down and hitting a few buttons thats when the ship leveled out and the massive grid of lights shined down on us floresent looking/then it tried to communicate with us in morris code i think. i ignored it and told my freind ray to take pics on the camera phone he wouldnt take one as i screamed at him he said it would be a blur he just argued with me and wouldnt take one after a few min it finally veired off in a south west direction towards the 401 it started to really speed up and i diddnt turn back to look where it went. but it went to that orange color and left real quick man i didnt really believe in this sort of thing but these things are here they make no sound except for the electicity flowing through it and the contact of lights u dont expect to see this

i mean your going to your cottage what we seen should be in speilberg movie i still cant sleep right this is messed up stuff, but what happened is the total truth i mean if i stopped i dont think my family would of seen me again i could of thrown rocks at this ufo it was so close, there here, and very persistent.this one was agressive it was almost like it wanted us for a meal my gut instict said dont stop we r still in shock about this, i put in a report at the belville police station. can anybody help me as how to take this further i want to no if anybody else seen this crazy stuff.it happened on hwy 37 north of bellville ontario may the 15 09 approx at dusk 920pm or so thx if anybody can help.jim

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