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My Friend Set Me Up With An Alien I Went Outside And Got Abducted!.

My Friend Set Me Up With An Alien I Went Outside And Got Abducted!

Visitor: Sam E G

Message: I Was Abducted when I was 15 I think my Friend set me up that night becouse out of the blue he was like let's go outside for fresh air and he said he saw an air plain abought to crash I did not see anything then we went to the end of my driveway and saw a Ship with like 25 different colored lights in a horazantle line blinking in different patterns then I was Hypnotized and lost time and memory of what happened then when I regained conscious My Intuition told my to look in the sky and I saw a blinking light and then a sideways lightning bolt where the ship was and it Disappeared.

All I want to know is the truth I want to be free.I have had the worst nightmare of my life I will never forget and the dream makes me fell hopeless.My friend barely even cared.Info# Clarkston Michigan 48346 Bridge lake Rd. Year 1994 Friend Justin Jackson Me Sam Grosjean

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