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Floating Aliens in Cairo Egypt
Home - User Submitted Encounters

Floating Aliens in Cairo Egypt

Date Submitted: 03/11/2015

Visitor: Ed N.

Message: All want to do is to just share my story which is the absolute truth.

Cairo, Egypt,1963 may be 1964. very early in a summer morning, the sun is not up yet but plenty of light to see outside. I was 6 or 7 years old, woke up and went to my parents bedroom any laid down vertically on the opposite side of their pillows.

they always had the door to the balcony in their bedroom open in the summer. I saw 3 little (things) In the shape of a young child but with some kind of stiff clothing that didn't seem to move and looked oversized with I want to say sharp edges like heavily starched garments.

They were floating weightless outside of the balcony about 200 or so yards away but they were pretty high up almost to the top of the building directly ahead of the balcony, that is about 5 or 6 stories high. They kept coming closer to our one story house towards the balcony, they were kind of floating and weightless but looked like they're definitely in control of their direction and speed.

They came into the bedroom through the balcony, and I immediately had the feeling that I am not scared at all, and it's all good. I tried to talk and move. Nothing came out of my mouth and I could not move at all, I had this very strong feeling that I am told that it's ok, and not to be afraid and I wasn't at all.

They came to the bed. They were doing something to my father and mother. I can see the one on my right by my head next to my dad's knee, and the one by my dad's head or chest. I can only see part of him while he was moving doing whatever.

The third one was by my mother's side towards the edge of the bed. That one I couldn't make out his movement since he was somewhat out of my sight, but I felt his presence and movements, but no details.

Their clothes or suits color was the same color of wood when it's left out for a long time (Grayish Brownish). I remember the small body and the big head in relation to it. I couldn't make out the face features and whether or not if they had a type of a head cover or not, but I really want to say that I am almost sure they had something on their head, and wasn't just the face that was exposed.

They finished whatever they were doing, and floated back out of the room through the balcony and ...GONE. I guess at one point I could move and talk, I woke up my parents and told them with excitements what have just happened, and to look outside to believe me. My father told me that I was very special because I saw the angels that god sends to earth, and that I was blessed.

Since that day, the experience had always come up in conversations while I was growing up, and the story hasn't changed for 50 years.

Anyway, the point is that, at that time and at that place I as a child who had no source of any kind to power of suggestion. We had no TV, no comic books, I was a first may be a second grader, there were no stories being told about any of what I saw from anyone, so I have to discount the thought of the power of suggestions.

Now when I hear tons of stories of people saying , I couldn't move, or I couldn't speak, or I was getting subliminal messages, or how small they are or the size of their head or they were doing some experiments on humans, or.. or.. or.

I hope someone out-there would read my story and appreciate it as it is, or at least have some entertainment.

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