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Family Alien Abductions

Home -- Submitted Alien and UFO Encounters

Family Alien Abduction Story Australia

Date Submitted: 01/09/2011

Visitor: Ron Arnold

Orange UFO Orb

Hi, my name is Ron Arnold I am a retired Lecturer once employed by the Government Now attending to the finer things in life including relaxation and taking things easy in general.

My story commences from the time I was 7 years old in 1958 at our family property Situated at *** ***** ****** (deleted to protect people involved). It all started when during the very early hours of A mid Summers morning and whilst My Father, Mother and Brother & myself were asleep on our Front veranda. I remember being awakened and propping myself up to see what looked like a star that seemed to descend to a landing in our front yard, We had a very long front yard from the house itself to the main road approximately 300 yards And the width of the block size was about 50+ yards. As I watched this Star like craft land it became a disc shape object. It may be worth while to point out that before this encounter I had no understanding Of Alien life or UFO craft no knowledge of anything remotely to do with this subject. I had never heard people Talking about the subject nor did I ever have any comics or written material that would have given me any Pre conceived thoughts regarding this phenomenon.

As I watched this craft land some 70 to 100 meters away from myself and my family I began to stand up I remember turning and looking down at my Father, Mother Brother still all asleep and then looking back towards the craft it was at this time I was greeted by two beings about the same size of myself at that time they were warm and friendly and I was finding myself being lead away with them towards their craft,I still don't recall what happened forward of this point only that I found myself back with my family standing looking up at the stars, I remember thinking Gosh I feel so tired and went back t o sleep from that time I've always been fascinated with the Stars and always looking for one that unlike the others moved rapidly with zig -zagging flight pattern to match what I had witnessed early that morning of what was to become of a very important later in life. From 7 years of age the thoughts were confusing To me of this event and so I decided not to discuss this with my family because I did not want to feel foolish as my experience even though very unusual was perhaps a little crazy to say the least.

The thoughts of that morning kept coming back to me haunting me, I became restless tormented by the event and my unwillingness to talk about it. This affected my sleep and consequently my concentration at school as I would be found day dreaming in class this had reached an all time high when my school teacher contacted my Mother and informed her of my day dreaming episodes in class. My Mother having enough of this took me to a local doctor to see if I could maybe given sleeping pills to assist my sleeping, the doctor agreed however, he said I believe that there is an underlying Factor that is causing your son to react this way and that this should be investigated.

By this time around 12 months had passed when I was taken to a child psychologist at Princess Margaret Hospital In Perth I remember this doctor asking every which way he could to find out what was causing this problem along With a few tests that he applied as my Mother thought I was not right mentally speaking, after about an hour the doctor Asked for my Mother to re enter his room along with myself being present he informed my Mother that I was perfectly Normal as normal could be so after we had returned home I tried to apply myself to my studies and be a better son For my Mother & Father whilst at the same time being on sleeping pills and keeping my Alien experience to myself.

I had all but stopped taking the sleeping pills after 12 months and that's when weird things started to unfold during my Sleep state. I started having re occurring dreams these were not normal dreams these were like premonitions of coming events as each time I would start to have one of these re occurring dreams it would progressively get more disturbing until I reached the end of what now seemed to be a warning. Even to this day I still feel the pins and needles effect even by writing about this for at the age of 13 years I was shown the horrific death of one of my cousins, and how it was going to happen even so much as the chapel to where his remains would be laid out for every one to say goodbye I felt I was in this coming event as a witness I could see everything I new the colour of his casket that I had noted as being covered with a see through cloth to assist in hiding some of his facial injuries, I had even walked down the Isle of the chapel I knew the location of the undertakers everything!.

I was so head strong about this information I wanted to inform my cousin and his Father (my Uncle) of the coming event and I remember saying to my Mother many times I have to tell them and each time I was told NO! You wont say a word as they will think you are mad and you will cause embarrassment for your Father and me being my (Mother) so each time we would visit I respected my Mothers wishes and said nothing I felt so awful knowing what was going to happen and yet I said nothing this was so much of a torment for me that I found myself back on the sleeping pills again to stop this re occurring dream and after about 6 months it all stopped so I stopped taking the pills to assist in my sleep.

Then like a script in a movie at the age of 16, some 3 and a bit years later I received word that my cousin had been killed in a road accident all details had matched what I had repeatedly told my Mother years earlier, I felt sickened that I was not permitted to inform my Cousin nor my Uncle of the pending doom and as I approached the doorstep of the undertakers with my mother along side me as (in my dreams) I reminded her and said I told you repeatedly and you refused to let me tell them she replied I know you did, I now carry that guilt with me for the rest of my life.

As for the alien encounters this started again with a large orange ball that my Mother and I both witnessed on the way to my work one morning it was so fascinating I had all my work mates come out of the building to where I worked and they also witnessed it shaking there heads with confusion to what it was. Everything seemed to end at this stage until I was in my mid 30s when the aliens returned they arrived to collect me one hot summers morning at approximately 2 am I know this because I had awoken and noticed the red led digits on my bedside clock.

I was absorbed from my bed up into a craft and placed at a venue that I had never been before, the next thing I noticed was that I was not the only person gathered as I walked through a crowd of about 25-30 people I stood along side a person in a white coat I felt this person was of the medical profession as I looked at him I said where am I what am I doing here he answered, You are lucky to have been chosen and then his eyes went back to the direction that everyone else was looking toward I started assessing where I was geographically speaking as I could see a beacon glowing in the distance it suddenly dawned on me that we were all not far away from Perth air port in fact north of Perth airport and later discovering the location was about 45 kms from my home in Two Rocks.

With the others around me we watched a small light become larger as it came toward us as it hovered above us a brilliant flash Was encountered and I was inside the building that we were all outside of a split second earlier. Whilst inside I began mentally noting everything the makings on the floor, the construction in general and things that I could Identify with and needless to say noting the activity unfolding all around me as there were people walking and talking and being greeted by these much shorter beings I was watching this unfold when I too was greeted by two short alien like creatures one of them handed me a gift of remembrance it was a gift that was left under a Christmas tree when I was 7 years of age my Mother had no idea who left it there as there was no card apart " Ronnie" at the time we were all confused to who had left this for me.

All of a sudden as my arms were reached out to accept this from the alien a video played in my mind I was shown the first meeting that I had locked away all this time how they came down in the front yard How I turned to see my Father, my Mother and my Brother asleep and how they greeted me, I was overwhelmed as my eyes dropped and looked around I noted there was another alien absorbing all my thoughts it felt wrong that this creature was capturing everything I was feeling and thinking I dropped the Cricket Bat & set and ran towards the double doors yelling this is not what it seems I just had a bad feeling about all of this as I pulled up the handles to release the double exit doors of the building I was enveloped with a bright white flash and then I remember a wooshing sound as I landed back on my bed when I awoke I couldn't move even though I was aware of what had just happened it took almost 15 minutes before I could get up off my bed.

I dare not say a word to my wife as she would think I was crazy, I had never discussed my encounter with these beings with her before and so I remained silent even though it was bugging me "Big Time" this was not the last time I would have contact with these beings it was about one month later I was subjected to the visitors returning only this time they allowed me to see them taking my son I awoke to a blue haze of light appearing in the passageway directly outside my bedroom doors as the light intensified I witnessed my son being guided Whilst floating in the air past my bedroom doors I could not move it was as if I was restrained somehow when my son started to be almost out of sight I managed to jump up grabbing him and yelling as loud as I could not my son No! not my son I grabbed him by placing my arms around him I could feel his body mass but something was missing his Body weight was not there as he was completely weightless as my yelling at these things continued I noticed my speech started to slow down and I became faint and I then the next thing was I remember waking on my bed again only this time my anger was quite notable once again could not get out off my bed straight away as it took nearly 15 minutes before I could move.

When I was able to get up I went to my sons room and noticed a very unusual setting my son was tucked up so neatly as ready for a photograph the bed was just so neatly made up, I immediately called my wife and said did you tuck our son into bed like this? She responded NO, I didn't Do this we both left his room as we walked in to our kitchen my wife said what's wrong I paced the floor of the kitchen not knowing what to do next as this had gone too far I was silent for a while and then I decided to break my silence as I could not contain this any longer I explained to my wife please sit down what I am about to tell you is true please don't think I am mad or that I have some other reason for telling you this other then releasing the truth of what is happening here as I explained she was Completely blown away with the information I was giving her , I suggested that we don't inform our son of this who at this time was almost 10 years old as I did not want to create a problem for him to have to deal with.

Both my wife and I once again approached his room to when she made comment that he looked rather pale I too had noticed this and I agreed that we should attend the local doctor that morning to have our son checked out. It was while we were at the doctors and during a physical examination that the doctor had noticed markings behind my sons knee he said to my son have you been prodding yourself with a needle or something sharp my son replied no and that he had no idea how the markings got there.

It was triangular in shape and consisted of many needle imprints with-in this shape this was to be the first encounter for my eldest son. It was only short space of time after my sons abduction to when he was enjoying a family Sunday roast that he began choking on something that was lodged in his throat as he made his way to the bathroom coughing I was very close behind him and noted hearing a pinging sound as this object and passed from him to the sink I grabbed it and to my amazement it was like nothing I had ever seen before. It was at this time that I decided to make some phone calls to see who I could talk too regarding these things that were starting to upset our family.

I had found a person dealing with this phenomenon as he had dedicated his life investigating Alien abduction cases. He said to me that he could see that this was an issue of quite some concern and that if I was prepared to oblige with his requests that he would most certainly investigate my case. This man is well respected in academic circles and is known as Professor; John Frodulim Murdock University. So it was I attended various places to be evaluated to make sure I was not on medication or mentally unstable in anyway and further to this I had the object photographed using a very powerful Microscope at Curtain University and the results were also surprising whilst there was blood shown on the object there was a metal breakdown conducted that had given a result of a metal not commonly found in the world in fact there was only one location this metal was known to be in Switzerland and was used for computer technology this was even more interesting as at that time in 1992 we did not own a computer and my son had no access to one.

I was determined to find out more about this object that I turned to the meat industry for answers as the chance that it may have come from a the leg of lamb roast was suggested. The item was carefully examined by four different persons with in the meat industry and each had said that they had never seen anything like it before so now we have the original photographs as produced by Curtain University and no one has been able to identify the origin of the object that my son had coughed out. My sons encounters would continue up to 2008. In the meantime after explaining what these beings look like along with their craft my wife said I have never seen anything like what your describing so I cant begin to understand. She didn't have to wait very long as it was only a few days when two of the disc shaped craft were flying above our back yard I had everyone come outside to witness both the craft flying around each other they were approximately 300 meters above the ground, this lasted for about 6 minutes and also as we were to later discover witnessed by others in the area this happened in summer of 1992 and was to continue again 1994 to when a younger son was taken from the arms of my wife who explained that I was in a trance like state as our younger son was taken at first she could not move but when she was able to move she got up and ventured out on the balcony of our home and noted two disc objects floating above the ground across the road from our house of which is all beach front land.

Since then the aliens had returned to show me my clone of which had completely shocked me and it was my reaction that they were studying for what ever the reason behind it. While they had just shown me my clone they also had shown me the future of pending doom for the coastal area where my house was located they had shown me a gigantic wave that came up from the ocean and went over the top of our house this was a repeating message like the message that kept repeating about my cousin, needless to say after seeing this feeling this many times we sold our house and have since moved from that property and yet we continue to have more encounters concerning another son that was a New born when the last encounter had happened in 1994 with his slightly older brother altogether (3) sons have been targeted in my family and the girls have not had the same experiences even though one of my daughters had also witnessed the discs when they were hovering about 2 meters from the ground even though others tend to think your unbalanced or just plain mad for talking about such things I have come to the conclusion that this is there choice as my case has been fully investigated and no one has been able to inform us of anything different to what our truthful experiences have and are giving us.

Even though our case had been recreated and was viewed across Australian television only part of the story is shown as with these few pages I have felt necessary to type because if people with true experiences can keep coming forward regardless of the ridicule and name calling others seem compelled to do, others in the same position will also be as candid and come forth so as we can develop an understanding rather then fobbing it all off as fairy tales. You will never begin to understand the truth unless you can evaluate the situation and to evaluate you need the facts and the evidence in support of, of which I have both. Does this make me insane? or does this place me apart from those who seek wealth publicity unlike myself, as I have no hidden agenda but to share in the truth.

R, Arnold

Western Australia

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