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UFO sighting in Fairborn Ohio with Government intervention
Home - User Submitted Encounters

UFO sighting in Fairborn Ohio with Possible Government Intervention

Date Submitted: 12/29/2013

Visitor: Kaitlin

Hello, my names Kaitlin and this is my story.

It happened back in '08, in Fairborn, Ohio, United States. I can't exactly remember the date, but it was in the summer, a little after my birthday in July. It happened about 9:30-10:00 at night.

I was walking my friend Elizabeth home so that she could make sure she was allowed to stay the night with me. We were about two houses away when I looked up and noticed something strange in the sky. I nudged Elizabeth and told her to look at the sky. What we were seeing was weird, it was oval shaped and looked like it had three or four rows of lights stacked on it. Coming from an Air Force family, I can identify quite a few types of airplanes and that was no airplane I was lookin at.

I think we sat there looking at this strange object in the sky for a good ten fifteen minutes before it ziged to the left an then disappeared. When it vanished, we wound up running back to my house screaming like a bunch of little girls(which we were).

The next morning I awoke and got dressed like normal, when I looked down at my belly and noticed a scar I don't recall ever having before then. I also noticed a scar on each hand, both by my thumbs. I don't know if they had anything to do with my encounter with the UFO or if my twelve year old mind was playing tricks on me.

Another thing I'm not sure on are these little slips of paper I found in my mail box. They said if you see anything out of the normal in the sky or if you see any suspicious people hanging around to contact this number. I can't remember the number for the life of me, but I know the area code was for wright patt Air Force base.

I honestly don't know if the base saw what I saw and they wanted to know if anyone else saw it and they wanted witnesses to step forward and then do something about it, like maybe cover it all up. Or if someone was playing a prank. But I like to think it was the base reaching out to us.

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