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Aliens Dragged me out of Bed in Las Vegas, NV
Home - User Submitted Encounters

Aliens Dragged me out of Bed in Las Vegas, NV

Date Submitted: 07/19/2014

Visitor: Leo


Las Vegas, NV In early November 2004. A little after 1AM I was lying in bed while my wife Fran was on the internet playing a game with some friends. Just as I started to close my eyes I heard what I can only describe as a radio signal inside my head it sounded like a bunch of beeps and dashes in a way like a code, but it was unearthly. It was so loud and profound I told my wife jokingly that if aliens try to abduct me she had better kick their asses we both laughed and by the next day it was all forgotten about.

About two days roll by and everyones asleep, but I wake up and the first thing I see is a classic alien walking around from my wifes side of the bed I followed him with my eyes as he walked out of the room that's when I noticed another one standing right beside me looking down at me.

I tried to move, but I couldn't. I felt completely paralyzed I tried screaming to my wife, but nothing would come out.

I could see this thing next to me and I noticed he wasn't naked like in a lot of pictures I've seen he had like a jumpsuit on almost the same color of his gray skin, it grabed my legs and swung them over the side of the bed. I was in panic mode I felt the blankets and the sheet twist under me he dragged me out of bed by my ankles and across the floor toward the door.

I was trying everything to grab hold of something, but my arms and hands were dead. I managed to twist my upper body around and I tried to grab hold of the carpet, but my hands felt weird. I had no strength at all as he pulled me out the bedroom door just as he did he twisted my legs and my upper body went back to facing the ceiling and then he stopped pulling.

I could see down the hallway and the other alien was coming back toward me he walked around and stood right above my head and bent over at the waist it looked right into my eyes and then I blacked out.

Next thing I know it was morning and I was back in my bed I thought about what happened and that it had to be a dream the most realistic one of my life everything around the room from clothes on the floor papers on the desk cups everything was the same as in my dream.

For about three weeks after I felt a pain in my left arm the same type as when the doctor gives you a shot and I could see a small puncture wound my wife had the same wound on her arm as well.

I know how it sounds I haven't told anyone because of the looks I might get. I know it was real and not a dream. I will take any lie detector test any day of the year to prove I am not lying. I gave you the short version so you could make a determination on this and hopefully give me some feedback on what this is all about.

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