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Cube Shaped UFO Sighting in Carbondale, CO

Home -- Submitted Alien and UFO Encounters

Cube Shaped UFO Sighting in Carbondale, CO May, 31st 2011

Date Submitted: 06/01/2011

Visitor: Paul

I just saw a UFO. Technically UFO stands for Unidentified Flying Object, and it was too me because I really could find no socially acceptable means of explaining it. And yet I do you have two other explanations, ones that though logical enough for me, are a mystery just beginning to get revealed by modern historical science and investigation to the otherwise uninterested general public.

What I saw tonight was something of a hovering box, rectangular in shape, standing on end, and it appeared after a moments of inspection to have rotating radar or round antenna shaped appendages on almost all sides. It was dark in color, and maintained a roaming hover pattern above the houses, north from where I was standing on the bike path. I'm pretty sure if it was scanning anything, which it definitely seemed to have been doing, it probably picked me up. Even if it didn't notice me at first I tried reaching it a few times by hooting between a megaphone of my hands, and then I whistled at the highest pitch I could. At each attempt it was hard to tell if it detected my signals, although it seemed to veer slightly my direction each time I made a sound.

Just before noticing it, I had looked at my watch and I remember it being approximately six minutes till nine in the evening. By the time I noticed it, It was probably four minutes till nine, and I watched it for at least a minute or two before it began to move up and east. I fallowed it on my bike at a quick pace, about twenty miles an hour, again I was trying to communicate my awareness of it, and my interest, not to mention the slight saturation of adrenaline. The whole while I was checking up and down the bike path for oncoming traffic, other onlookers. I saw no one until eight street, where I eventually lost sight of the UfO, no one else seemed to be aware of it.

As I came to the intersection of the bike path and eighth street, I noticed that it had gained quite allot of height, it was probably closer to a thousand feet now rather than the couple hundred it was before. At first, I had only glimpsed it out of the corner of my eye. It was a black dot like a plane or a helicopter, or a bird. My instantaneous curiosity with flying objects made me glance over, and for a second I grappled with the possibility of it being a bird because it was staying virtually still. Eagles and other falcons and such especially like to hold position in the air if there is wind, soaring if you will. There was no noise and so my thoughts of it being a helicopter of plain were ruled out. Then it hit me, and for the first time in my life I accepted the fact that I was witness to one of those events. One of those things which are hard to explain, and even harder to prove.

Over the total of about five minutes that I watched it, it moved positing and altitude allot, almost as if it were scanning something and trying to augment it's readings by moving as it did so. It had intent, at leas that's what it seemed, which suggests a conscience in the mix somewhere. I felt like it was conscience of my and my awareness of it. I wanted to provoke it through expressing my curiosity, to convey to me more about itself. I hope that I will learn more soon, or at some point in my life. The truth is always fun to find, but the truth is never ending.

As for solid explanations, I have only two, the first of which is connected to a series of thoughts that would be longer than I can include in this right now, and my first choice, my desired explanation. The second is just another possibility, and even supported some by what I saw.

  • I as a person have accepted the facts, signs and thoughts, and believe that aliens were indeed here in our ancient past, if not even as we speak, or at the very least frequently visiting. They have a certain oddity about them that seems to keep them from expressing their presence widely enough for common belief to adopt the idea world wide. And yet, many people are beginning to come to the conclusion that we have allot more to do with these mysterious entities than we think, and they are out there. Possibility one is that the object was some kind of inspection drone, or even miniature craft, scanning, locating, searching, and or exploring my home town. As to reasons for it's presence, I have only my own biased imaginations. Although, I am now extremely intrigued because I've recently just been watching the history channels new five part series new edition of last years Ancient Aliens. Now here I am writing my own little story, and believe me, I blinked, I looked away, I was not sleeping, I did not imagine this unless all of a sudden I started having detailed hallucinations during an otherwise good day.
  • The objects dull color, lack of light, and seemingly radar or antenna like components spinning on it's sides, gave some light to the idea that it could have been military, or government based. I tried to listen real hard, even cupping my ears at it to see if I could detect any sound, but if it were one of those military drones it would have a ducted fan, and most likely some kind of acoustic dampening design I would imagine. I couldn't say that I heard anything discernible.

Attached are approximated diagrams of it's position, and time, and drawings of it's shape. There was no wind.

UFO Map Colorado
Cube UFO Colorado

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