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A Very Close Alien Encounter In The UK We Could Make Out Three Figures

A Very Close Alien Encounter In The UK We Could Make Out Three Figures

Visitor: Ed Barnard

Message: Around September 2007, me and my friends, Simon and Connall were camping in Rumburgh, Suffolk, UK. My friend Simon has fields sprawling to the back of his house, behind which was a pretty big piece of woodland. One night we decided to go camping and as it was close we thought we would go to the woods behind Simon's house.

We setup camp around, I'd say, half a mile into the woods as it was getting dark and we didn't want to get to far in and lose our bearings.

After we had pitched the tents and had started a fire we sat down to have some dinner. After which we went to bed for the night.

It was around 11pm when it started to rain down quite heavily and quickly we became aware that the tent was not fully waterproof. It was at this time that Simon tried to call his parents to try and get a lift back to his house, but as we were in a dense part of the woods he couldn't get a signal.

Just then at the outskirts of the woods we saw some lights which we assumed was Simon's dad coming to pick us up when he realised how heavy the rain was.

So we tried to make our way to the edge of the woods as quickly as possible in order to get to the car. When we were much closer to the edge of the woods the lights started to become more defined and spread out, we saw about 4 or 5 different balls of light in a straight line.

As we made our way closer to the lights we began to make out the edges of what appeared to be a metallic object it was about 30-40 feet long with a small hump in the middle, from far away the lights congealed and appeared to be headlights but as we got closer they spread out and lined the bottom edge of the 'saucer'.

As we got even closer I'd say about 100-150 feet, I swear on my cat's life, we could make out 2 figures. Needless to say we were scared, but got the urge to get even closer.

As we did a third figure emerged from the back of the 'saucer', they appeared to converse with each other then all three made their way around the back of the 'saucer' to what I assume was the door, as a couple of seconds later it was in the air and gone.

When we approached the site of where we saw the 'figures' and the 'saucer' we noticed that their was no indication that anything had been there i.e. footprints or markings from the 'figures' or 'saucer'.

Simon's dad turned up about 10 minutes later and explained how he had car troubles, which I found suspicious as typical encounters explain how their cars stop working before encountering a UFO.

To this day we cannot explain what we saw and have only told our close friend and family what we saw, some believed us, mainly our friends but our parents did not and believed we were making the whole thing up. But all I can do is try to best explain what we saw on that night.

Full names of those involved:

Me - Edward William Barnard
Connall Carter
Simon Waterfield
Liam Waterfield

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