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UFO Sighting 1960 Canton Ohio.

UFO Sighting 1960 Canton Ohio.

Visitor: Ronnie Mcclure

Message: usa canton ohio around mid 1960s my name ronnie mcclure and mother sarah mcclure and the city of canton ohio around 900 oclock in the evening.

While i was watching tv there came a newsbreak that people were reporting sightings of a ufo around the canton area so i ran to the living room window hoping to get a glimpse of it since we lived in the higest part of the area after a few minutes of not seeing any thing i went back to wacthing tv all of suden the tv went static an a blue light came from outside as i went to the porch through the kitchen i noticed that my mothers china was winneing in the cabanet when i got to the porch my mother was right behind me we saw about a 50ft craft in the shape of a cigar that was a solid smokie bright blue light it hovered for about 5 minutes at about 100 ft from the house then it moved off slowly till it stoped agine for a few seconds an then took off like a bolt of lighting you could acaualy see the light from it like it was lighting well after this the tv came back on an they said the airforce was senden up jets later they said it was just a blimp ive lived in the canton akron area since i was little and i know

That was no blimp from then on i knew i could not belive every thing youer told

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