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Byron Bay to Gold Australia Coast UFO Sighting
Home - User Submitted Encounters

Byron Bay to Gold Australia Coast UFO Sighting

Byron Bay to Gold Coast UFO

Date Submitted: 01/26/2014

Visitor: Ray

Hi Joel, I'm from Australia. My partner was driving us back down to the Gold Coast from Byron Bay on a long stretch of road. I began a conversation about my belief that Aliens exists, my partner Kirsty strongly agreed with me, amazingly this is when the UFO appeared - just as we began to talk about aliens existing, pretty cool.

It shot directly down from the sky to the left of the highway and we were amazed, I quickly reached down for my dslr camera which I conveniently had at my feet and I began to take some shots. After the UFO shot down, it rose up and crossed over the sky to the right of the highway in front of us, it then hovered for a short while and then started to move back over to the left hand side of the highway, eventually being submersed by the clouds.* *I then saw it re appear again to the left of the highway and it remained still in the sky for quite some time.

I have to admit, we were a bit shocked but I was expecting to see one soon.

Another funny story is, we were staying in a mountain get-away hotel the night before, the hotel had a collection of books and board games set out, one book which was there was a book on preparing to meet aliens which I decided to have a read over. Pretty weird huh?

Cool, Thanks,


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