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Black Trangle/cube UFO Banning CA
Home - User Submitted Encounters

Black Trangle/cube UFO Banning CA

Visitor: Luettias

Message: Approximately this time last year my son 13, my friend 51, her son 12, and my self 45, saw a black trangle/cube type just before intersection of Nicolet & Hargrave, in Banning CA, USA time was between 2130-2300. All of us saw it at about the same time, i almost wreaked my car watching. Some 3-5 blocks later we were at her house, all gpt out to look but it was gone.

A bit before this season, last year too. Very late at night i saw what is on page 5 of pix at site under "take off of ufo" mine was not round, it reminded me of a manta ray, both in shape and slow graceful movement, til it was rather high then it was just gone. I started watching it was maybe a football field length in the air, so beautiful.

There are many Many MANY siteings out here, but most of us will not say a word to anyone about them. We dont like labels like crazy or druggy when we know we're not.

There are 5-15 really good places to go park & watch...I've been doing since 2005 or so...only twice have i not seen lights, planes (many from 29 plams is my guess), or UFOs

I spent close to a decade in the army, always next to an air base, i can maybe not identify by name the planes, but I'm very familiar with planes and whats not a known plane flying by me

Would be happy to show you where the spots are...can show them all to anyone in under say 2 hours in day time, ps bring a good 4x4 if coming out & going to spots.

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