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Aliens Have Been Visiting Earth For Ever

Aliens Have Been Visiting Earth For Ever

Date Submitted: 03/13/2010

Visitor: Deidre Amohanga

Message: No longer is theorising of inter-universal contact a conspiracy, it is a universal fact. Many universal beings have been visiting the Earth for eons as a base to other galactic destinations, the magnetic feild of Earth allows for regeneration in our ships as humans know the craft they see.The ionosphere created in her atmosphere allows for a refuelling to take place(understanding for humans)

We are intergallactic travellers who transit this planet to allow humans to know they are indeed not the only living beings in this section of the galaxy, there are many Earth planets as yours. Humans must stop placing human concepts into everything that is alien for humans are alien to eachother so how can they understand alien nature outside of this limited understanding? We are far more evolved in our quantum thinking and understanding While humans are understanding their immediate environments, our people are understanding galaxies;.... needless to say we are quick to leave this planets atmosphere.Our ships are able to see the colours that the human consciousness lights this planet with, asleep or not.This is what attracts most galactic Beings to this planet, is the colour variations and of course the actions applied thereof. Your governing bodies are at a loss to understand a Universal perspective with our people for our system is in perfect syncronicity where as humans are opening the doors from which their spiritual energies will take them as a whole towards this energetic transit.

In the coming years we will assist in Earths transit with humans as she battles the scars left by humans. In our assistance to the Earth and governing factions who hold craft that our technologies help assist with in their building, humans will see that we have been with them all this time.

Technology is NOT what life force holds....it is merely a medium to open other systems, evolving itself and purpose just as humans who unfortunately remain distracted....as the human being awakens the tools of the soul, they will better understand the medium they use to direct with love and hold the peace they seek.

ifferentiation is no longer acceptable to a peoples who all basically do the same thing, They eat,drink and look for happiness, experiences towards peace,fun and adventure in all forms. Observing this we understand this is the human way of digging out the soul....as to are wars.

Humans theorise, propose but never look within their own systems as individuals to see the whole of what is upon this planet.Humans must ask: With such advanced areas of science and tecnology, where is the sense in any of the human systems as a whole regarding continuation and manufactoring of war products and the craving to aquire to retire. This system of beliefs is what makes most would be visitors to your planet a quick stop over. There are however other Universal beings who would consider sharing information or already have with huamns who would conspire to elevate humans above their normal evolutionary proccess as is what one sees today with so much roll over in technological advancements.

Were humans to know...They would understand that the truth of their being resides in the contents of their soul...a system where-by governing bodies disempower through distraction.

You indeed human being are not alone for you would not have developed such an honest site for us to come and sit. Thank-you, sincerely, Areeahnye.

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