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Are Aliens Following Me and Doing Tests on Me?
Home - User Submitted Encounters

Are Aliens Following Me and Doing Tests on Me?

Date Submitted: 10/02/2014

Visitor: Donovan L

Alright this is going to take a second to fully explain. but I hope you make sense of it.

One day, after work, I was taking a nap upstairs in my mother's room between the 19-21 of Sept 2014. I'm not completely sure because I didn't think too much about it. Well I was in bed and basically asleep you know how you feel half awake half asleep. Well that's this feeling. Well all of a sudden I felt like I was being lifted into the air. My stomach felt like it was churning and I felt weightless. It was a dark room and I was in the corner. I don't know how I know that, but I do. And, then I began to do summersaults forward in the air slowly.

Then it kinda felt like I hand a bandanna or something over my eyes and it was being removed and it took quite some time to do. But then I wake up. And, I just felt weird. Like I felt my body lift, but I couldn't help or stop it.

Immediately I grab my phone and text a buddy and explain it I also told the mother of my child. It just felt weird.

Then on the 22 of sept 2014. I was in the bed with my child's mother and she was messing with my belly button and found what seemed to be scabs in it. All I was like is what the hell. What's that from. Whatever though. But this is the weird stuff. The 23 of sept 2014 I came home from work then at 2am and it was about three now. I was on my front porch and I was looking in the sky and I saw something move in the sky. I thought ehh it's a satellite. But then it moved the opposite direction fast too. I thought I was trippin, but I had to make sure so I continued to watch and then I saw one larger yellow light and about 3-4 littler ones above the yellow one, but not close it was spanned out. And the little ones were changing from yellow to red and sometimes blue and they were moving fast and in a way it seemed like it had a cloaking device cause I could see that there was something between these lights, but I could see stars behind it. Kind of like a haze.

And at that time I was like wtf!? So I called my child's mother and explained what I was seeing at the moment. She thought I was crazy, but then out paper lady came and I asked her if she saw it too and she said yes. I then pulled up my camera and took a video of this. You can see the main light and little one that changes colors and it's moving fast. I kinda freaked out. I never thought I would really see something. It hovered it seemed in the distance and I went to get the dog from the back I came back front and it was clearly gone. So I said what ever and went to sleep.

When I woke and was about to shower I was fooling around with my stomach hair and felt in my belly button and it was covered in scab like things and my stomach was feeling very filing weird. I picked out the scab and I noticed it was leaking or bleeding from the cut in it. I could see it. I just don't know of I seriously went through some shit. I live in Sheboygan, WI zip 53081 and I still have the video.

I feel uncomfortable like I'm being watched and they were testing on me. Altogether that's what it seems like. I'm only 22 and this is just can't leave my mind what so ever. In more ways I want answers, but I'm sure that won't be fully possible. I'm just in an awe and am scared as well...

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