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My Aunts UFO Sighting

My Aunts UFO Sighting

Visitor: Lena Johnson

Message: My Aunt Lois is 84 years old and has seen beings from outer space. This is her story as told to me in 2002. I plan on getting her to record the story for future reference. She is a person of normal intelligence and has gone to church all of her life.

My Aunt was traveling home late at night in her pickup truck after a card game with some girlfriends. As she was traveling down the highway, she saw a "spacecraft" hovering over a field fairly close to the road. She pulled her truck over to the side of the road to get a better look. The craft was shaped like an oblong disc with windows across the front. And inside the window she could see little men (she called them) pushing buttons. She said they were very short. She watched them for a few minutes and noticed another car coming toward her from the opposite direction. She thought to herself, no one is going to believe this so she wanted to get the other car to stop and see the spacecraft also. As she opened the door of her truck to flag down the other car, the spacecraft flew out of sight in a flash. That's all I remember of her story, but I truly believe her. No reason to lie and she hasn't told very many people the story. She said back then people would have thought you were crazy for telling a story like that. This happened in the U.S. But I'm not sure which state.

Lena Johnson
Tennessee, USA

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