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Ape Like Alien in Bushes
Home - User Submitted Encounters

Ape Like Alien in Bushes

Date Submitted: 04/13/2015

Visiter: Thomas

Message: Walking from a store one night I saw a UFO flying in the distance about 500 feet ahead of me. I stopped walking looking at, as it pulsated 4 times with white light from its back.

Walking on through a vacant carwash parking lot the UFO passed over head at about 70 feet high. I was able to just make out its lights. It made no sound, as it went on to the east.

As I walked I heard bushes rattling from a poison plant 50 feet ahead of me and to my right. Out of 56the plant came out a humanoid looking being. With a dark field to my left he walked along the backs of buildings. He had a very pointy chin, large bald head, thin and wore a one-piece light blue spacesuit that had blue-green rectangles all over it that had a quality of power I cannot describe. He wore heavy-duty black boots, and his ankles were tapered with a string or rubber band.

When he went through the flower shop flood lights I got a good look at him. When I checked my path for a dip that I knew was close by, looking forward, I heard 2 click sounds like that of a BB gun. So I stopped and quickly looked, but he was gone. The only place he could have been was behind an air generator.

As I stood watching in 15 seconds I saw the last plant 40 feet ahead of me rattling. The plant was in a round planter along with 4 or 5 other plants that belonged to the carwash. Out from that plant came out a 5 foot tall ape creature that resembled no Earthly ape I have seen. Its arms were big and hairy, and it walked with exaggerated ape movements catty-corner to the flower shop wall.

At this point I could not see it, and did not care to look for it, so I walked on to the restaurant I was going to. Thank you

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