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Aliens Standing Over My Bed
Home - User Submitted Encounters

Aliens Standing Over My Bed

Date Submitted: 03/14/2013

Visitor: Jerre

Message: It was 1984 I was single and had moved from Alabama to Kissimmee Fl. A friend of mine was building a small amusement park just about 2.5 mile from Disney World. ( this was to catch people just arriving in town and didn't necessarily want to use a pass to the park just for part of a day. Anyway I lived up the road in a little 4 apartment flat, two in the front and two apartments in the back. This was next to a old orange grove. At the time I was the only one living on the backside. It was actually kind of remote , the area at that time was not developed.

I would usually get home late 11:00 or 12:00 at night hit the showers and go to bed. On this particular night I was asleep , something woke me up for some reason I felt a presence in my room . I felt like I needed to wake up. The first thing I noticed was when I tried to wake up I was paralyzed in bed, no matter how hard I fought to get out of bed I could not. The only thing I could raise was my head. I was fighting with every ounce of strength I had to get up , all I could manage to do was raise my head up.

I wasn't alone and I knew it. That's when I saw them. At the foot of my bed were two beings They stood about four feet tall . They were about two feet apart and walking toward the bedroom door. They stopped and stood there for a moment then I saw them leave the room , I had fought so hard to get up I had exhausted myself and fell back to sleep I guess. I woke up the next morning , everything was normal. Just like I had left it the night before. It was years before I told anyone about this strange incident. When I told the story I realized then why I had remained silent for so many years.

People laughed at me said I was dreaming and wanted to know what I was smoking. The only thing I can tell you is I wasn't dreaming, it happened just as I described it was real and never happened again.

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