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Visitor: Carlos

Message: In 2007 i lived i miami then i go to houton texas.A week later i was at the camp on mi grandmothers house,she alwais tell me about aliens that she sall around her house and i did not belive ontill the next day.2/3/07 on a day kind of with fog i sall some thing in the ski that look like a alien space sheep and it was so inveliveble that from long distance i cee some thing walking thro the cows like a ALIEN.I run to my grandmothershouse and tell her abou what i sall and she tell me that what i sall was real and i get afraid,9months later i never sall them again and me and my mom,dad and sist go back to miamiand i never heard eney more about aliensbut i got a picturethat probes it even if my family does not belived me i belived.My name is carlos im 11 years old and i want to go to area 51.

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