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Alien Outside Of My Window

Alien Outside Of My Window

Visitor: yana

This will be really to the point and brief as its going to be really hard to believe just as hard for me to still believe it was true i live in norfolk great yarmouth.

two night ago my daughter and my self was just getting into bed at 11 evening when my dog started barking and howling i looked out of the window and a cat was near my bird flight i opened the window and it darted i was then about to shut the window when a person like humanoid stood there looking at my birds me thinking at first it was a person i shouted get out of my garden im calling the police then i got mad because it took no notice so i shouted at it again but it didnt move when it did it like glided back ward and it went back and forth 4 times but the real weird thing was it wasnt 100 percent formed

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