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I Awoke to a Calming Alien
Home - User Submitted Encounters

I Awoke to a Calming Alien Doing Something to my Lower Back

Date Submitted: 01/09/2015

Visitor: Joanne

Message: Hi, something happened and I'm unsure what to make of it. I'm from Newcastle in the UK, but at the time of my experience me and my husband and our two kids had moved to Llangollen in wales.

It was 2009/2010, my husband and I had just gone to bed, our bedroom window was closed. I woke up sensing something, I looked to the bottom of my bed and there was a stereotypical looking alien around 3ft high looking round the bottom of my bed at me, 100% I was awake, not dreaming, I panicked for a split second then heard a fuzzy white noise type sound in my head, which was uncomfortable and was slightly painful, but I could bare it, then over the white noise was what I can only describe as like a computer/technology type sound (different tones of beeping) then the beeping would stop and it spoke to me, but not with a voice it was more with thought, (that might not make any sense) it told me to go back to sleep and not to worry.

The next thing I woke again, lying on my stomach, it was doing something to the bottom of my back, I didn't see it, but I knew it was there, then the static white noise started again, then the beeping, then it told me to go back to sleep and not to worry and it would be finished soon.

The next thing I knew I woke facing the window and the window was open. That's when I felt panicked again, but not because I felt the alien was bad, but just because I didn't know what had happened, I got a sense of calm and peace from the actual alien, I actually think fondly of the alien even though I would not want to wake with it in my room again.

I really would just love any information on what the alien might have been doing, what type of alien was it, basically any information that's relevant to what happened to me. Thank you so much. Joanne :)

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