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Alien or Government Abduction in Silver Springs, NV
Home - User Submitted Encounters

Alien or Government Abduction in Silver Springs, NV

Date Submitted: 07/05/2014

Visitor: Jeannine


Shortly before midnight on July 4, 2014 my husband had taken our daughter & her family home almost 40 miles from our home, to Silver Springs, NV from Carson City. While emptying the car, my husband had been walking in front of our car and behind our daughter's broken van.

My husband felt his pant leg get tugged & his leg scratched. His first thought was that he got caught up on a weed. He used the light from his phone's screen as he turned to free himself from the "weed". There was a slender, "emaciated", blue-grey hand with 4 digits (maybe 5, but he only saw the 4), attached to a very skinny, shiny skinned, being. It disappeared after approximately 2 seconds.

Our daughter turned toward my husband when he called out that he was stuck on a weed. She was facing him when he turned the light to the ground. She saw it quickly crawl back under the van, or recoil under the the van.

They quickly ran into the house. They felt a "presence". My son-in-law was sent outside to see if he could see if it was still there after my husband & daughter explained what they had just seen. When he went out he did not see it under the van after walking around a bit. They thought it had eventually left so my husband drove home.

On his drive home he saw strange colored lights then a spot light. The last thing he remembers is trying to take a picture of the light to send to me to get my opinion on what it could be. He did think it a possible helicopter but there was no sound. He started getting nervous.

This light in the sky was approximately between the towns of Stagecoach and Mark Twain. He next was looking at a marquee clock in Dayton (which means he missed an entire town) & noticed the time was 9 mins off of our dash clock. He continued home through Mark Twain, NV. As he passed the marquee clock in Moundhouse our car clock matched the time.

Making this trip myself earlier in the day I had noticed the 2 marquees were BOTH off by 10 mins in my girlfriend's vehicle, but the same as my iPhone. He arrived at our house 27min after leaving my daughter's home. This is impossible. With speeding we make that trip in 45mins, an hour usually . When questioned about this he started acting very off.

My husband had been abducted in the past and there is a level of confusion when confronted then small flashes of memory. His first answer to me when I asked him how he got home fast was "The doctor said it was going to be all right."

He heard himself & got even more confused. He became dazed and he asked me "why was I naked?."

He could recall a doctor in a "typical white lab coat" (the doctor) he had military shoes/boots. There was a man in gray desert camos with the same boots as the doctor. He heard numbers being rattled off, but is unsure of when in relation to the doctor's examining him. He heard his blood pressure stated out loud. (136/88) There was a light in his eyes that made it hard for him to see much more than the doctor examining him.

The doctor kept telling him "everything will be ok" and "you'll be home soon." There was someone above him he could not see, but could hear. Remembering this helped him realize he was lying down.

This spot was the same location my husband had several other experiences many years ago. Too afraid of the authorities, he never filed reports about the previous experiences.

He also recalled hearing someone in the distance saying, "portal collapse in 5." This sounded distorted as if broadcast, maybe over a walky talky. I was on the phone with my daughter when he arrived home. She explained that her husband had seen the creature/humanoid under the van after my husband left her place & they both saw it a few minutes later in their back yard.

The feeling of a "presence" would fade in and out. It had gotten stronger so they were looking out the window and saw it in their back yard. There is a scratch on my husband's leg that looks like it's been healing awhile, a swollen & slightly bruised left hand (as though he had an I.V. Or blood drawn) with a red mark that looked like it had healed a bit too, and his testicles were very sore ("almost as bad as when I had my vasectomy") which was accompanied by a small wound on his left testicle. I have pictures of these as well.

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