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Alien or CIA Mind Control

Alien or CIA Mind Control

Visitor: Raymond Alger

Message: I am 68 years old and have been subjected to mind control by alien beings. My situation I believe is also being monitored my the CIA and the US Military.

The mind control began back in February of 1969. It began with me hearing subliminal whisper like voices which follow me everywhere I go. There sounds penitrate the thick walls of caves. I hear them under water when I have gone swiming. In the basement of a building. There is nothing it doesent penitrate. I havn't been able to stop them no matter how I have tryed. These beings are obsessed. They enjoy being in control. I am a rebellious person and try to give them a hard time as much as I posibly can, but at times I feel like a puppet.

I believe that these beings want to give some help to us humans yet at the same time want to be in complete control of our distiny. I would truly like to be free from them. They really have screwed up my life. I don't think that I have ever seen one of these creature but I think it could be posible. I think that also that they could have put an implant in my body. They have had much opportunity to do so.

Some years ago I had a MRI done of my sinuses. One of my sinuses has a obstruction in it. The doctor could give no explanation of how it got there. He said it could be surgetly removed but it would not be and easy operation to go through. So I optered not to have it done.


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