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Alien Encounter Cruise Ship-There Was no Where to Run

Alien Encounter Cruise Ship-There Was no Where to Run

Visitor: Sylvia

Message: United States, some where in the Pacific Ocean. Nov, 2008

Myself my son and my boyfriend were on a 5 day Cruse Ship heading for Mexico it all started out to be fun that was un-tell the nightmares began for me.

The first night we were in our cabin is when the night terrors started for me...I can't tell you the ship we were on or cabin number we were in, but what I can tell you is we won't be going on that ship anymore.

My son and boyfriend had fun no problem but for me well let me tell you I wont'ed to jump over-board the 2rd night on the ship. I was to afraid to stay in our cabin and even more so to try and fall a sleep...Meaning when I did try I began to have nightmares only I was'ent a sleep but awake while the others were sleeping I would try to call out or yell but it was as if someone or something had there hand over my mouth I did a-lot of praying but even that seemed hard to do. So all I could do was to be tormented by what seemed to be a tall very tall figure of a man the same one on your web page only he was all black with thees big eyes that seem to be compleetly black as well he had long arms very long arms and long hands he must have stood at least 7 to 8 feet tall. I could see him slightly from the light of the moon comeing in through the balconey doors in my cabin, he would just stand there and stare at me from the foot of my bed I tried to scream but nothing would come out I even tried to move my head but it was like he had hold of me, and every night he would be there waiting for me so I tried to stay out as long as I could past 12:00AM or 2:00AM that's when the Casino closed or if not I would go the 24hr pizza place and have a slice hopeing to get tired enough to fall a sleep and not be botherd by what ever that thing was...

But every night he would be waiting, waiting to do something...I even think he tried to grab hold of me or he was doing something because I felt what I think was his hand go across my stomach, the only way I could discribe what I felt is if you had an over active puppy and you let him run loose on you and your bed they move very fast across your tummy or chest, well that's what I felt. I guess I was so afraid of not seeing my son again, I must have over-powerd what ever force had on that keep'ed me pind that I yelled out "get it off me" end Quote at least that is what my boyfriend said I yelled out...Needles to say he turned sideway's and turned on the light that was next to our bed. He asked what was wrong and I told him what I seen at the foot of our bed he thought I had been runing a fever or something because I had a cold sweat, to tell you this sounds crazy I know but to this day I still feel what ever that thing was on my tummy more so then I would like to needless to say I sleep with a night light on the ships and at home...As for the rest of the cruse well we sleept with the lights on or at least one myside.

I wish I could tell you what Cruse Line and what room but if I do I may have a law suit placed on me by the Cruse line, so for now one can only wounder and hope it never happens to you but if it dose just remember I told you so...

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