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Chased By Alien Out of Woods in Florida

Chased By Alien Out of Woods in Florida

Visitor: 3-D

Message: I was in Indian town Fla. in the summer of 96 or 97 in the after-noon just befor dark I had been fishing with my wife on that river that goes under the Indian-Town bridge.

I remember I had to use the bath-room really bad and we were headed to a old lady's house that we give fish to when call of nature got to serious and I did'nt want it to happend in my truck so I just parked in front of any-bodies house and was gonna do it by my door but I saw children playing so I started running for some woods down the road. On this particular road some-one had planted pine trees so close to each other that you could'nt fit thru to get to the other side so I ran for a more hidden spot I got to a place where there were some bushes that were about up to my chin un-zipped and kinda day-dreamed relief when I looked about 40 or may-be less yards in front of me there was a school bus in the woods and I WAS THINKING how did that get in here then I said how are they gonna get that out. Then I noticed there was a light comming from some-where but I could'nt tell where it was comming from so I looked back at the bus and on the stairs some-one was sitting and looking down at this Spanish man laying on his back but propt up a little on his elbows and another Spanish man in praying position on his knees weaving back and forth, I looked over to the right of the school bus and there was another one standing watching the two on the ground, I'm looking at every-thing like what the, and out of my parifial vision this being about a little shorter than my chin walks past the bushes in front of me I insantly stopped breathing at what I saw, it was bluish-grey, no nose but appeared to have two holes where the nose is supposed to be I GUESS. What I remember the most was it had no lips and its teeth fit together like vipers sharp and pointy. It stopped and made a human-like body jester and sigh like this is boring and began to walk to the in-side of the pine trees. I slowly zipped up my pants and got my nerves to try and ease my way out of this crazy scene. I turned and tried to quietly tippy-toe back to the road but I like in the movies step on some-thing that makes a noise and panics and I don't even think it heard the noise just my feet running after. I'm looking back as I'm running to see if its comming and I see it almost come around this pine tree but changes its mind and decides to chase me from the inside of the pine trees but there is no opening for it to get to me and to top it off the pine trees vered it off to the right. I am still a humourous guy even in life threatening situations so I yelled at it ahhh hahhh, I smoked your ass did'nt L and did the Rocky song for it.

I looked back in the woods and it was shinning a pin light that went strait up and down but very skinny. I walked back towards my truck and I saw two Spanish men sitting on a porch, I asked them could I speak to them for a minute they said come on up and I told them the best way I could what just happend to me and one told the other in spanish I told you there is something over there, I said what?what? he said your rite there is somthing in there so I'm not crazy, he said no , I said its not people, they said no , I said scary they sa yes. I said I need to leave one said me and my family to man

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